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A Week Where I Gained Weight On Weight Watchers

Yesterday I weighed in at my Weight Watchers meeting and I have gained weight. I have to admit I am not surprised. I have been really unwell all week and stuck in bed most of the time. I have had to increase my steroid dose to manage my Adrenal Insufficiency and I kind of knew it would be a gaining week.

I often gain weight when I get extra unwell and I really did expect this. I can say that I stuck to the points system perfectly so the good news is, if I hadn’t I could have gained much more. I put on 1 and a half pounds and therefore my total weight loss in one month is 6 pounds.

6 pounds down is better than 6 pounds up in my opinion.

I share my results on my Facebook account wit my friends and I have to say I had some supportive and encouraging comments which I thought I’d share here.

” 6 lbs down is better than 6 lbs up. Its better to lose weight slowly – its taken me 2 years to get to my target dress size 14 and its been worth it. Hang in there Angela xx”

“Just keep going Hun, knowing that you’ve done really well, if unable to move only gaining 1.5. imagine sticking to plan and being on a good week?!!! You’d smash it!xxx”

“Has hun, don’t let it get u down. But steroids can make you gain weight and hold weight on. But keep it up”

“You looked great last Sunday!!!”

All these comments were encouraging and help give me the strength to continue. It can be really hard and disheartening when you have a not so great weigh in but, I am staying strong and sticking with this and hopefully things will pick up for next week.

I’m doing my best. Hopefully I can get more well and add more steps to my daily routine again and continue to work on planning some healthy and tasty meals.

We had turkey curry on cauliflower rice this week and it was gorgeous. My family didn’t even realise it was not real rice and the points were so low. I’m going to experiment with more tasty and low point recipes in the coming days.

Also after 22 months, I have finally been referred to see the Bariatric specialist to see why my Gastric Bypass failed a few months after my operation. At last I may have some answers within the next 6 months.

Angela x