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Have you heard of FurReal Friends Shaggy Shawn? He is the latest cute FurReal Friend by Hasbro and this week Sylvia and I have been reviewing this fantastic and loveable canine friend.

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Shaggy Shawn is a fabulous cute dog who is in need of grooming. There are so many fun things you can do to style your pup and my daughter was keen to get to work. We love dogs and have two real dogs of our own so it was great to get a toy which is of real interest to my daughter.

Using the Shaggy Shawn Canine Friend your child can role play, pretending to visit the pet salon or visit the groomers. Shaggy Shawn is quite shaggy, he has long hair an a long beard and there is plenty that can be done with this adorable FurReal pet.

The Shaggy Shawn pet comes with a Buzzer accessory. It is a pretend shaver which makes a buzzing sound and vibrates like the real thing. When you buy this FurReal pet you get the adorable dog and the buzzer accessory and all that is required is one AA battery which is included in the box.

Shaggy Shawn makes happy sounds as is completely hug worthy and cute. My daughter was so super excited to open up this Hasbro toy and test it out. So let’s hear what Sylvia thinks.

Sylvia loves how cute Shawn is. She likes his colours, the style and the fact his hair is super long and can be styled in lot’s of ways. She thinks this is a fun toy and he would be fantastic in the pet corner of a preschool. He is a good addition to her bedroom and Inspired my daughter to set up a salon for all her toys to visit along with Shaggy Shawn. Shawn has really super cute eyes.

From the viewpoint of a teacher.

An an early years teacher who used to teach 4-5 year olds, I think Shaggy Shawn is both fun and educational. He can encourage children to role play, socialise and express their feelings. This toy as my daughter said is super cute but also would encourage children to pretend play, use their imaginations and get creative.

So do we love this toy? Yes we do. He is super cute and fun and I’ve not seen a dog like this before that encourages dog grooming and hair styling. It’s fun, educational and great for kids.

He is a lovely dog and will go nicely alongside Chatty Charlie, another FurReal Friend of my child’s. Exciting.

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