Funny Father’s Day Card Message Ideas

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Funny Fathers Day Card Message Ideas You Will Love

The only emotion you want to see on your dad’s face today is a smile, so you just have to send him a funny Father’s Day card. On this day, some children want to make their dad cry uncontrollably by reading touching cards but if your father is not one of them, then you can make him laugh out loud by reading your hilarious wishes.

If that’s exactly what you’re looking for, then these joyful things to write on Father’s Day cards are the ones you need to get a comical moment that might even end in tears of laughter.

Don’t use the boring “Happy Father’s Day” on a generic card when you can find something funny and special on Boom.

Funny Father's Day Card Message Ideas

Short Funny Father’s Day Message Ideas

Does your father dislike long sentimental speeches? Is he always busy? Make him smile during the working day with your wish for a Father’s Day card. He will be pleased to receive a brief reminder that his children appreciate him. Even a funny little note can make this day special!

  • Dad, I think I spent all your money. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Great job, Dad, I turned out perfect!
  • I think today you can finally reveal your main secret that I am your favourite child.
  • Dad, I wouldn’t trade you for anything! Although they didn’t offer me.
  • Even though you never bought me a dog, Dad, I love you anyway! But I’m still waiting!
  • You have great taste, Dad, since you chose our mother! But that can’t be said about our mum.
  • I know you only need me so you’re not alone when you get old and boring. Are you sure you want me to annoy you to your old age?
  • I hope one day I’ll be as good a comedian as you think you are.
  • Happy Father’s Day Dad! It’s for you instead of awkward hugs.
  • Happy Father’s Day! You are my favourite dad.

Funny Wishes for Your Father’s Day Card

Make Father’s Day a happy occasion full of laughter for your loving father, wishing him this special day with some good funny congratulations. Remind him of some moments of your beautiful relationship by writing about the joyful memories associated with your dear dad, who has always been the hero of all funny family stories.

  • Thank you for sacrificing all your hair for me! I hope I don’t have to do the same for you.
  • Thank you for always staying on my side. I love when you say “yes” when mom says “no”.
  • I hope your Father’s Day will be as fun as your life before I was born!
  • I think the best gift today will be that I confess that we all hear you sing when you shower.
  • Thank you for all you do for us, Dad! And sorry for the grey hair that probably appeared because of me.
  • I hope your holiday is wild and you will finally watch all your TV programs in one day!
  • Everything for you today, Dad! Enjoy, because tomorrow everything will be for us again.
  • Happy Father’s Day! Today, you can officially stay out of your man’s cave all day.
  • Happy Father’s Day! I wish your beer was always cold and the steak was perfectly cooked!
  • I send a lot of love to my father, who did his best to keep me out of trouble. And I often found them! 

Rude Father’s Day Jokes 

If your dad is a lover of black humor or peculiar jokes, then you can congratulate him in his own style. But choose such a wish carefully, because not everyone is ready to get an offensive joke on a holiday. Such a Father’s Day card is suitable for you only if you are 100% sure that your dad will appreciate it!

  • Dad, you’re ancient as a mummy but I love you anyway!
  • Father’s Day comes around more than you do!
  • Dad, thank you for doing a lot for me. But I hope you don’t count on me changing your diapers as you did for me?
  • Thank you for your service, sir! You’ve been a great ATM and taxi service all these years.

We are sure that humour is the easiest way to your father’s heart. A good joke can always make the day better, especially when it comes to the holiday. Therefore, if your card is addressed to your father, then a funny Father’s Day card will become a small memorable sign of attention.

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