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Have Fun Learning To Read With Reading Eggs

As a previous Early Years Teacher I spent several years working with children who had learning difficulties. In fact as an undergraduate student I was featured in a Newspaper article for my role in a Summer School Reading program headed by my Professor Tom Nicholson. I had two children assigned to me whom I worked with intensively for 6 weeks. The aim was to help the kids to improve their reading levels. The program created by my professor was a phonics based teaching program. Although this was over 10 years ago now I still love phonics as much as I did then.

This week Sylvia and I have been testing out an exciting online education programme called Reading Eggs. Reading Eggs is based on phonics which teaches children how to read in a fun and interactive way. The reading program is aimed at children aged 3-12 and is available both on a home computer and as an App.

Sylvia and I used the Reading Eggs program on her dad’s Ipad and she found the lessons and activities to be really fun and enjoyable.

Although computers are generally used indoors, we thought it would be nice to use the reading eggs program in the garden. We have a good Wifi signal and with such lovely weather this week, it was a good opportunity to spend some time outside.

The Reading Eggs programme has a number of levels. Sylvia is aged 9 and so she signed into the Reading Eggspress level which is for ages 7-13. Sylvia was able to take lessons on comprehension, take part in fun reading based activities and games.

The Reading Eggspress level has a fun library where you can choose books to read on your Ipad. I love the reading library. Children are able to choose a topic or theme. Each book has a specific age range and your child can either read the book or listen to the audio and read along. Children can then give the books they read a rating out of 5 stars depending on how much they enjoyed the book.

Another feature of the Reading Eggs programme I quite like is the “My targets” section. Children are given goals to reach and tasks to do in order to earn Trophies. This is perfect for my daughter who loves to get awards, certificates and trophies. One target Sylvia has is to earn 1000 eggs in one week. Sylvia did a comprehension activity where she was asked questions and each correct answer gave her an egg. As my daughter enjoys collecting things, collecting eggs and points really is a winner for us. There is a trophy room to store your trophies and Sylvia can also print out certificates. This is going to be a great programme for us to use over the Summer.

Another thing I love about Reading eggs is the Apartment, Shop and Arcade. My daughter often enjoys playing games where she has to perform tasks to enable her to build a home. For example she used to play Animal Jam where she could collect animals and build homes. The problem I had with this however were the tasks she had to perform. They where often time wasting and pointless and non educational. The other option was to buy gift cards but they cost £10-20 per card and I was not willing to do this.

The Reading Eggspress programme gives you a apartment and arcade. Children can collect eggs as points by completing reading tasks and lessons and then spend the eggs on creating and decorating the apartment and or use eggs to play a game in the arcade. I think this is genius! This means that my daughter can create a home and play fun games but she has to earn eggs first to do this. The idea of doing educational reading tasks first and then having fun is brilliant. It enables kids to be more balanced. Sylvia can read fun books, do reading activities and then create her home and she is happy to do this. She does not require money to buy items she would like. She simply has to do more reading tasks.

I really am a fan of the Reading Eggs programme. I am really impressed and have never seen anything quite like this before. I love the educational focus and the fact the programme is interactive and fun whilst helping children to develop and improve on their skills. This programme has a thumbs up from me and Sylvia.

The Reading Eggs programme is accessible for as little as £4 per month which works out at £1 per week. I think it is a good investment and certainly something I would recommend to promote reading and learning. Sign up for your free 4 week trial here. This is perfect timing for the Summer Holidays.

Angela x

*In Collaboration with Reading Eggs. All opinions are my own.

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