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Fun Ideas to Transform a Metal Building into a Children’s Playhouse

The warmer weather during the summer months is the perfect time to drag the children away from the television and tablet screens to enjoy the great outdoors. If you are looking to get your children playing more in the garden, you will need to provide them with fun activities to do and a playhouse if one of them! A metal building is a great option as it is extremely safe and durable and will last for a long time and you can transform it into a number of different fun playhouse ideas for the kids! Playhouses offer a fun space for children to dream and play and there are many different ideas to suit every imagination.

Hobbit Children's Playhouse

For more creative ideas about how you can turn your metal building into a fun children’s playhouse, carry on reading!

A Fairytale Castle

Does your child love all thing to do with princes, princesses and fairytales? Then why not transform your metal building into a fairytale castle! For many small children, this is the ultimate hideaway where they can let their imagination run wild. Add lots of pink and girly decoration and objects to make this the fairytale castle of dreams.

A Magical Woodland

As your metal building playhouse will be outside in your garden, why not incorporate nature into its design with a magical woodland settling. Outside your playhouse you can plant wild flowers and tall trees for a woodland magic setting that will capture the imagination of children everywhere. Inside your playhouse, incorporate lots of reclaimed wood as this will help to add to the earthy feel.

Surf Shack

If you are looking to transform your metal building into a playhouse that is a little more unique, then why not transform it into a cool surf shack? This is a fantastic addition to any garden and all you need are some nets, surfing accessories and then paint it blue to bring the summer beachside straight to your back garden!

Hobbit Playhouse

Are your children big fantasy film fans? Do they absolutely love the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings film franchises? Then why not give them their very own hobbit hideaway to play in! Create a playhouse that looks like it could be set in the shire and before you know it they will want to you to create a whole Hobbit village.

Rocket Ship

Are you children fascinated by rockets, space and aliens? Then why not transform your metal building into your very own back garden rocket ship? You can include a launch pad and rocket swing that will catapult children’s imaginations as they undergo their astronaut training.

A Hospital

Do your children love to dress up and play doctors and nurses? A hospital playhouse is the perfect option! Pop a hospital sign on the front of your metal building and make sure there are enough cuddly toy patients to keep the doctors and nurses busy for hours on end.

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