Fun Family Activities Perfect for a Hot Day

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Sometimes a hot day can ruin your plans especially when you’re battling the hot weather. When your body is suffering from the heat, it can be really difficult to study or read free essay examples to help you find ideas for your next school assignment. Sometimes it’s better to spend hot days with family and spend the cooler evenings working on those college essays..

Today I am sharing some fun family activities you can enjoy with your family especially when the weather is hot.

Make Ice Cream Sundaes

What’s more fun than spending time in the kitchen with the family on a hot day. You could make cool pasta salads, cooling smoothies or even better find the ice cream in your freezer and create your own ice cream sundaes. That’s always fun and bonus – the kids will love it.

So why not grab the ice cream from the freezer and create a dessert that will cool and freshen you. You can choose all kinds of toppings and get creative. You might even want to create animal themed sundaes. Now that would be fun!

ice cream sundae ideas

Toppings for Ice Cream Sundaes

Creating your own Ice cream sundaes is always fun. Who doesn’t like to choose their own toppings? Here are some ice cream sundae ingredients you may want to try.

  • Chocolate chips
  • Yogurt
  • Fruits such as kiwifruit and berries
  • Chocolate or strawberry sauce
  • Peanuts or chopped nuts
  • Coconut flakes

You can also combine lots of ingredients into your vanilla ice cream to add or create new flavours. Why not try one of the following:

  • coconut;
  • apple;
  • banana;
  • pineapple;
  • lemon.

Or you can add entire berries for your ice cream sundaes. Your kids will enjoy coming up with creative ideas whilst getting some of their daily five a day vitamins and minerals.

Make Elsa’s Frozen Hands

Play Sports

Regular physical activity is important for both children and adults. So why not spend a hot day playing sports with your family? You can play traditional games such as badminton, basketball or even soccer in the backyard. Or you can try new sports like baseball, frisbee, pickleball or water volleyball.

Once you choose the sport, make sure to equip yourself well for it. A strong and firm baseball net will prevent any accidents and injuries, just like a sturdy pair of soccer cleats will help you move comfortably on the grass. Don’t forget to hydrate regularly and have fun with your family!

Frozen hands will delight your children especially if they’re fans of Elsa from Disney’s Frozen movie. Such activities are fun for a hot day and can help promote creativity whilst having fun with water.

Fill a latex glove with different colourful items such as glitter and sequins. Then pour water into the gloves, tie them with string, and put them in the freezer until the water turns to ice. 

Things that you can put in latex gloves are diverse:

  • small crystals
  • glass vase fillers
  • metallic pipe cleaners
  • rhinestones
  • sequins

After cutting the gloves and getting just a frozen hand, your children can enjoy water play in a tray and discover treasures or create different patterns and designs as the ice melts. If you have bangles or beads, be sure that your little ones take them and decorate their new toys. 

More Water Play Ideas

Water play can be really fun on a hot day. Why not get the hose pipe out and have fun with water in garden. When the weather is hot, the kids will dry out in no time.

Playing with water can be exciting for children and parents and allows opportunities to bond and socialise. Two fun ideas for water play are balloon baseball and playing with water guns.

Balloon Baseball

Balloon baseball is fun and all you need is a rubber or foam bat to try and hit the balloons. See how far you can whack the balloon and have fun as they burst.

Water games are great activities for the heat and can help you to keep cool. Have fun playing with the kids and then in the cooler evenings you can go back to your studies, and exploring essay examples. Drink lots of cool water and use a fan to help you stay cool as you study and this will help you to concentrate and focus despite the heat.

Water Guns

Water guns can be fun. Who doesn’t love pointing a water gun at a family member and soaking them? Create your own rules of engagement and have fun with the kid and mixing exercise with water can be really fun. This can keep them cool whilst having a great time.  

Try all these activities, and your children won’t be bored on a hot Summer day. It’s a good idea to enjoy the day with the family and then study in the evening once the kids have gone to bed and the weather has cooled down.

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