Fun with Dogs Yoda and Casper’s Antics

Welcome to Fun with Dogs Yoda and Caspers Antics. You may have seen my blog post 50 Shades of Bichon which was featured on Britmums. It did really well as many people loved it. Today I’d like to show a more few shades this time of Yoda and Casper, Our dogs!

Yoda and Casper are a delight but they are also rat bags as well as adorable Bichon dogs. We are still teaching them to behave and dealing with the odd accident but we love our dogs. Today I just wanted to share some fun photographs. They are not professional but just taken by me on my phone during the month and I thought it would make a lovely little post.

Bichon Dog

Above is Casper on his favourite purple blanket. Casper has the most adorable eyes that I love.

Bichon Dog

Yoda loves cuddles with my husband John, since he came home as a baby he has loved being held. Our dogs ave been in need of a good groom for a week or so and they are both off to the groomers next Tuesday.

Bichon Dog

John found a cake at Asda marked down for one pound. He had to buy it and Yoda and Casper really really wanted some! Sadly they were not allowed. They were so disappointed, lifting their paws and begging but we did not give in. Only healthy food for our dogs.

Bichon Dog

Casper was a little naughty. Well actually John was. John put his empty soup bowl on the ground instead of the sink and well..can you guess what happened? Casper licked out the bowl! Yum yum tomato soup all over his chops!

Bichon Dog

Our Dogs love to lay together and chill out and just be with one another. They can get jealous if one is getting attention and the other is not. Sometimes Casper will hide under the sofa or Yoda will go lay on the floor and look sad if he’s not the one getting the attention. We take in turns and they are learning life is not all about the dog!

Bichon Dog

Now this is Casper. What a lovely face. He is gorgeous and adorable and oh so loveable. I love him to bits and it is rare I get a close up like this so well done Casper for sitting still long enough. This month Yoda and Casper as well as going to the groomers, they are testing out a new dog food for one month and so far so good. More will be revealed in a few weeks.

Angela x

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