Fun and Alternative Ways to Get Around Outdoors

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Fun and Alternative Ways to Get Around Outdoors

If you have ever thought about ditching your car and tried coming up with other means of travel, you may have come unstuck. While there are car shares, taxis, buses and trains, are there any other realistic alternatives?

While you may need a faster method of transport to commute to work, if you are interested in finding more enjoyable ways to get around in your spare time, here are some fun alternatives.


Cycling is a much-loved hobby in the UK, with thousands of Britons spending their weekends exploring different tracks and routes. It’s also fast and efficient, making it a great option, whether you choose a road bike, folding bike or an electric model.

Plus, cycling offers an array of health benefits, from assisting with weight loss and mental health, to reducing risks of cancers and diseases.


Not just for teenagers or surf enthusiasts, a skateboard is a fun way to get around – especially if you’re looking for something that’s a little more exciting. Skating is currently enjoying a revival, too, so it’s a popular activity.

Like cycling, skateboarding can also be very good for you – that is if you manage to avoid falling off. It can improve coordination and flexibility, build endurance and reduce stress.


Whether you prefer four wheels or two, skates are a great way to get around, especially if you like being adventurous. Choose between retro-style quad skates or inline skates and enjoy zooming through your local streets.

One of the biggest advantages of skates is their portability. Simply switch for shoes and put in a backpack when you arrive at your destination.


If you’re looking for something a little more daring than a bike, but less so than a skateboard, how about a scooter? They’re slower than a board and offer the rider better control.

You can find a great selection of starter scooters online, at a range of price points. Or, if it’s something you enjoy, you could upgrade and build your own custom scooter from Proline.


Finally, how about walking? It’s a favourite British pastime so it may be something you already do. But it may be a good idea to think about increasing the amount you walk. This is because research has shown that taking a 20-minute walk per day reduces the risk of dying early by up to a third. So, get on those walking shoes and get moving!

Who says you need a car? Try these fun alternatives and see how you get on.

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