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Frozen Olaf Disney Cake

Olaf Disney Cake

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Yummy Frozen Olaf Disney Cake!

Frozen Olaf Disney Cake

This week was a Birthday Celebration in Milnesville. My daughter turned 7 and we had a fab Birthday. This was her Disney Frozen Olaf cake from Asda. I put her own Olaf toy onto the cake to make it look more exciting. My daughter absolutely loved it and it tasted good too!

Frozen Olaf Cake


I really do love this cake and it was a hit with all the children. My daughter was excited as she got to eat Olaf’s head. It was a fun party and a great day.

I wrote a blog post about Sylvia’s Party which was a Princess Themed Party and it went really well. John took photos and we had an amazing time. Sylvia and her friends played at a soft play area and then had lots of princess themed games and a tea party. They played limbo and musical statues and heaps of fun filled games.

If I was well, I’d probably attempt to make my own princess cake however for now this one and other bought cakes will have to do. Once  I get well again, I’ll probably make Sylvia’s cake myself.

When Sylvia was one I bought her a great big brown chocolate cake, I then made her second birthday cake. It was Dora the explorer. Her third cake was my best so far. It was a train with monkeys made from icing sugar and it was so hard to make but i did it and it looked fab!

I wonder what she will have next year?

Angela x

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Yummy Frozen Olaf Disney Cake!


    1. Doesn’t it just! Hopefully she will grow out of it soon but Frozen seems to be a huge part of my child’s life lol! She loves it!
      Angela xx

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