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It is important to give your home a deep clean at least once per year, so you can create a clean, fresh environment for you, your family and guests. As January is around the corner, now is an ideal time to spruce up your space to get a brand-new year off to the best possible start.

To effectively scrub every surface and tweak your atmosphere, read the following tips on how to welcome 2019 with a fresh home.

Deep Clean Your Carpets

Unfortunately, your carpets can accumulate much dirt and stains throughout the years, even if they look perfectly clean. As you will want to create a healthy environment for your children, you should turn to My Technicare to thoroughly deep clean your carpets, which can remove pet stains and odours to create a fresh, hygienic space.

Incorporate Indoor Plants

Indoor plants now only bring your interior to life, but they can also help to freshen up a room. That’s because they can remove unwanted toxins from the air, which can purify a space. You could even create a beautiful aroma by incorporating various fragrant options, such as honeysuckle and lavender. It’s a natural way to remove odours from the air.

Dust a Room from Top to Bottom

It’s amazing how many small specks of dust can affect the quality of the air. That’s because it is an accumulation of both indoor and outdoor particles, such as pollen, pet dander, and dead skin. While dust mites might not seem like a big issue, it can affect the air quality and lead to allergies.

If you want to breathe a little easier in 2019 and create a fresh-smelling home, you must aim to dust your home from top to bottom. In addition to dusting obvious locations, such as tables and shelving, you also shouldn’t forget to dust:

    • ceiling fans
    • light fixtures


  • blinds
  • the tops of doors and windows
  • baseboards
  • around electronics


Regularly Open Your Windows

The last thing you might want to do during winter is open up your windows, but it’s essential to allow fresh air to circulate across your home. Many homeowners might believe outdoor air isn’t cleaner than the air inside the home, but outdoor air can help to breakup stagnant air that’s causing unpleasant odours to spread across the home.

Turn on an Indoor Air Purifier

An indoor air purifier can transform your home’s freshness, as its job is to both trap and destroy pollutants across the home. Turning on a purifier can, therefore, help you to eliminate any foul smells and can create a healthier environment for your loved ones, as it can break down pollutants and allergens, such as airborne chemicals and mould spores.

Burn a Scented Candle

A light, fragrant candle can also help you to create a fresh-smelling, inviting property that will make you feel happy to be home. Combined with all the tips listed above, a scented candle can make your home appear fresh, clean and luxurious.