I am super excited to be sharing with you my Bunny Rabbit Graphing Worksheets for preschool kids. These are really simple worksheets for a preschool aged child and the task is very simple. All you have to do is count the different colour bunnies and graph them onto the chart. It’s a simple but fun task and perfect for Easter.

graphing worksheet for preschool kids

You could also get really creative and maybe even do an Easter egg or Easter bunny Treasure hunt and have your child graph the bunnies they find. I have both a graphing PDF and if you want to check out my Easter Bunny Treasure Hunt PDF too they are both free to use.

Easter Treasure Hunt

We are going to be having our own little Easter egg treasure hunt. In fact we were sent a fabulous box of Easter Eggs from Co-op and I will be sticking bunnies on them and hiding them in the garden for Sylvia and my special needs brother to find. They are super excited.

co-op eggs

Easter is always a fun time of the year and whilst there is a reason for the season, we can use celebrations as teaching opportunities for our children. I think there is always an educational aspect to any child activity and as parents or teachers we can help direct our kids to having fun and learning at the same time. Child led play and interest based learning is a great technique and method for teaching kids and It is my hope many more parents can gain the tools and knowledge to do this in the home.

So here is the printable. You can download this at the bottom of the page. Have fun and what a fantastic way to incorporate numeracy skills into a fun Easter activity.


*We were gifted the Easter Eggs From Co-op


  1. I love Easter – it’s always nicer and less stressful for me than Christmas. These bunny graphics are super cute!:)

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