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Free Alphabet Flash Cards And My Teaching Experience

Alphabet flash cards

Free Alphabet Flash Cards And My Teaching Experience

A few weeks ago Sylvia and I made our very first set of Alphabet flash cards. Twelve years ago I graduated with a degree in Education and English. I majored in teaching reading skills to children and worked in a primary school on an intensive reading program to help kids struggling with literacy skills.

Alphabet flash cards

I learnt so much and developed a love for reading and teaching. I then went on to get my post graduate diploma in Early Years Education and 9 years ago I became a head teacher for ABC Learning centres in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Alphabet flash cards

When Sylvia was born, I planned to return to work and I even attempted this, however I eventually decided to be a stay at home mother. I’m happy to stay at home and to write my blog from home. I recently changed my blog name to the inspiration edit because I wanted to head in a new direction. I wanted to start sharing inspiring ideas to help children learn through play.

Alphabet flash cards

Whether the learning is through toys, making decisions about clothing, having fun or taking part in interest based activities such as cooking and reading. I wanted to share my ideas and so the inspiration edit was born.

Alphabet flash cards

I love interest based learning. I love reading, phonics and teaching kids in fun ways and although I am not well enough to return to work as a teacher, I have plenty of knowledge to share here on the blog. So I designed my own Alphabet flashcards and made them into a PDF file. They are now available for you to download too.

Alphabet flash cards

Sylvia and I printed off our cards on A4 paper, cut them out and played some fantastic Alphabet games. She really enjoyed helping me make these cards. They are fantastic for teaching the Alphabet to younger kids but also great for older kids too.

Alphabet flash cards

We played a game where Sylvia would jump over a letter and think of a children’s book starting with that letter. It made the flash cards age appropriate and got her thinking about books she had read. We had fun and you can too.


Angela and Sylvia x

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  1. These are excellent, I think it’s great that you’re doing this and I adore flash cards for children. Making them yourself gives a personal touch and you can design to your liking x

  2. Your flashcards are really cute and I’m sure they will provide many ways of learning through play. I think it’s great that you are offering them to all of your readers, I’m sure many people will love these!

  3. My mom is an English teacher in Bulgaria and she also makes kids learn through different games, whilst visualising or even singing.

  4. What a lovely idea . We purchased some flashcards recently to help aid Blake’s speech. So would have printed these off otherwise as love your design.

  5. What a fabulous activity to do! The idea of picking book names depending on which letter is jumped over is really clever too x

  6. Awh what a great idea. My little sister has just become a TA, so I know she always looks for fun and interactive ways for kids to learn!

  7. I love the idea of your blog and what you have to offer. When I had my first born 20 years ago! it was so nerve racking thinking if you got things right or not with learning, but your blog is great for new mums and second time round ones, that they can get inspiration from you. Keep up the good work X

  8. These look so fun and engaging! I never would have thought of making your own, and it’s great that you can put your own spin on them. Putting a child’s fave character/animal on them would be so good if they weren’t so keen on the idea!

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