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Eating Out At Frankies & Bennys

Frankie and Bennys Bolton A Review

Frankie and Bennys Bolton is one of our favourite places to eat out and today we have a review to share with you. This is a great place to eat out in Bolton and is always a fantastic experience when we have a family meal out. I hope you enjoy our review.

Last Monday we went to Frankie and Bennys at Bolton Middlebrook. We had a wonderful time and had a fantastic meal together. It was a great opportunity to get out of the house after the Christmas madness and chill out together as a family.

Frankie And Bennys Bolton Great For The Family

When we arrived we were taken to a lovely corner both with really comfy chairs. We were then asked what drinks we would like. Sylvia chose the children’s Refresher which looked absolutely fabulous.

I had a Non- Alcoholic Mocktail called the Gentle Breeze. This not only looked great it tasted gorgeous and was a mixture of Apple, Cranberry and Lime Juice served over crushed Ice. I’d never had a Mocktail from Frankie and Benny’s before and It tasted really fabulous.

John opted for Lemonade and we then ordered our main meals. There were some fantastic starters on offer, however the meals we planned to eat looked so filling and we wanted to leave space for dessert so we ordered our main meal to start.

Frankie and Bennys Bolton Kids Menu

Sylvia ordered the Children’s Hot Dog Junior Meal. The Hot Dog came with onion bits and fries as well as a side salad.

John chose the Chicken in Pitta Meal with BBQ Sauce, coleslaw and corn on the cob. I had the 7oz steak with fries, onion rings and a side order of coleslaw.

The coleslaw was really tasty and is one of my favourite side dishes at Frankie and Benny’s.

Sylvia, John and I loved our meals and the service was really great. We were served quickly and asked if we would like more drinks part way through the meal. Sylvia had another Kids Refresher which told us was “delicious”.

 Frankie And Bennys Bolton Dessert Experience

For dessert John and I shared a Chocolate Brownie Fudge cake with Ice Cream and Sylvia had an Ice Cream Sunday. We all enjoyed our desserts and they tasted really great.

At the end of the night, Sylvia took the pineapple and the cherries from my Mocktail and she had a bit of fun making funny faces. We had a laugh and it made the night quite memorable. especially her Pineapple Fangs.

We all enjoyed our visit to Frankie and Bennys Bolton. It was great to get out of the house and I managed to get through the whole outing without getting really sick.

We had an enjoyable time and loved watching the staff sing Happy Birthday to a nearby table.

When I asked my family if they would like to come back again, everyone said yes. It was a fantastic evening and is a great place to take kids. We will be back again.

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