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Frankie & Benny’s Birthday Meal Wigan

frankie and bennys

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Frankie & Benny’s Birthday Meal Wigan

This weekend we went out for a Birthday meal at Frankie & Benny’s. Sylvia turns 10 in a few hours and so she was able to choose a place to eat out with the family and she chose Frankie & Benny’s.

I must admit, we have 3 different Frankie & Benny’s near our home. The Preston Frankie & Benny’s, Wigan Frankie’s and Benny’s and Bolton Frankie’s & Benny’s. We have been to all three restaurants about 3 times each and our favourite is the Bolton one, however I had a hospital appointment in Wigan so we went to the Wigan one on this occasion.

We really like to have booth seats when we go to to this restaurant as they are comfy and always have plenty of space. Sylvia and I also have our favourite mocktails the Gentle breeze which has cranberry and lime and is super tasty.

For starters we had potato skins and onion rings. We then all had a main meal. John went for the Chicken Ceaser Salad. Sylvia had a large kids meal. She chose slider burgers, corn on the cob and fries.

I went for BBQ chicken and coleslaw which I shared with John. The food was really tasty and we could not fault it. We really enjoyed our meals.

In fact Sylvia went on to have a delicious magic brownie with ice cream which she loved. I really did enjoy my meal. It was delicious. I think the only downside to the Wigan Frankie’s and Benny’s is that every time we go, the meal takes twice as long to arrive as it does anywhere else. We waited about 20 minutes to be served and then had a long 30 minute gap between starters and mains and again a 40 minute wait for Sylvia’s chocolate brownie, which was a bit too long. We enjoyed our meal and will be going back to Frankie and Benny’s again but next time I think we will stick to the Bolton chain which is much quicker service. The meal was delicious though and I loved it!



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