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Football On The Astroturf, My Favourite Sport


When I was young I was a soccer player. In England they call it football, in New Zealand Soccer. It’s something I have always loved and something I felt passionate about. I remember watching my dad play football as a child. He was really good. It was and has always been my dad’s favourite sport and the football bug has been passed onto me and my brother James for sure.

My first experience playing football was at school in Yorkshire. The Barnsley soccer players came to school to give us a training session. I was surprised at how easy it was to pick up the tricks and skills they taught us and I was eager to show my dad what I had learnt.

Back when I was a kid we practiced on the school field. There was no astroturf or specialised football area at my school. We simply used the field or a hard cement playground. However this is where I picked up my skills and learnt to kick and trap the ball.

When I moved to New Zealand, I was a young woman, only 14 and I joined the school football team. I quickly worked my way up the ranks as the top defender. I loved playing defence and eventually became a goal keeper. I remember going to play some of the top teams and can even smell the mud right now as I think of certain school fields. I loved it.

In my final two years of high school I made it to the Premier team. I was one of the best football players in the school and I loved it. The school had an astroturf that we practiced on and I would take my brother down to the local park where and would kick the ball around on the inexpensive rubber flooring the council had put down. It was a great place to play and practice and was really safe for the younger kids who were just starting out learning to play soccer.

After leaving high school my football days came to an end. I married young and went to UnIversity and although I wanted to join the Uni football team, my coursework was too much and so I chose to put my academics first. This hasn’t stopped my love of football in the slightest and when I see people playing on a field or on the street, I get this feeling that I want to run out and join in.

it’s hard being unwell and having chronic illness because I just want to get out and play sports but it’s not meant to be at this point in my life. I signed my daughter up to a football club in the summer holidays two years ago. I thought she would love it and feel the passion I felt but she hated it. In fact she cried and did not want to go back. I’d be so excited to share my love of football with Sylvia I had bought her football boots and socks and sadly the socks were only worn twice. She has no interest and hates the sport.

My daughter is way more girly than I ever was. I was certainly a tom boy. Anyway, Sylvia is more into athletics and running and swimming. I will encourage her in whatever she is interested in. Football is a sport I love and it will always be my number one.

Do you have a favourite sport?

Angela x

*This is a collaborative post.


  1. I am not a sporty person at all but my youngest is….She has just actually joined the football club at school. She will be practicing after school once a week. She can’t wait 😀 x

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