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The Flying Fox The Portrait Project

The Flying Fox The Portrait Project

As a child I loved to go to Pilley Park with my parents. It was a 30 minutes drive but we travelled all that way because there was a flying fox which we loved. When I moved to New Zealand there were lots of Flying Foxes near my home. Again, I loved the feeling of flying through the breeze.

Flying Fox

When moving to Lancashire I was really pleased to discover that our local park has a flying fox and what more can I say than like mother like daughter. Sylvia loves the flying fox just as much as i did as a child.

This photo was taken by my husband as I’ve been too unwell to go out the past two weeks, however it’s so great to see pictures of my child happy and having fun. I do hope you all like it.

Angela x


What did you like to do as a child? Did you like to go to the park. Did you have a favourite apparatus at the park? I loved the flying fox. It was so fun but I also loved the monkey bars. That was fantastic too! Today I have been thinking about my childhood and all the wonderful things I used to do and how much I would love Sylvia to be able to do those things too!

I sure hope she can!



  1. This is a lovely, happy photo. However, I’ve never known this to be called the ‘Fly Fox’ before, always just ‘the zip wire.’ I like your phrase better, so I may adopt it!
    Looks like you had a lovely time at the park

    1. I can remember doing that to sylvia… running by her side and holding her- when she was younger as I didn’t want her to fall…now she is the perfect age! Thanks for stopping by. Angela x

  2. I used to love these as a child as well Angela. What a great shot! I loved the feeling of freedom I got from riding on one and the trying not to fall off as it bounced at the end. Sending lots of ‘get well soon’ love. xxx #mysundayphoto

  3. Wonderful action shot.

    I love zip wires, but N can’t really be trusted to keep hold until after the rebound. His last attempt he left go too early without taking his legs down and ended on his head. So he’s wary of going on one now. Plus I need someone at the start to help him on so I can catch him at the end.

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