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Five Weeks On Weight Watchers Flex Plan

Today marks five weeks of following the new Weight Watchers Flex Plan. I won’t lie, losing weight does not come easy however I am feeling positive that I have finally found a program which seems to be working for me.

I’m really not very well and have spent most of the week housebound, however despite how well or unwell I feel, I have determined I will go and get weighed each week and that is something which I feel is crucial to my weight loss Journey.

Two weeks ago I gained 1.5 lbs which was disappointing. I’d been on a lot of extra steroid medication and unable to walk around. Last week I lost half a pound and this week I lost a whopping two pounds.

I am so happy. I have overcome the blip of week three and am now down 8 pounds altogether. It is a slow battle but I am very pleased so far.

For me there are 4 essential things I need to do to help me stick to the Weight Watchers Flex Plan.

One – Support

I wrote about Support last week and without support I would really struggle. Writing this post is one way of getting support. I have the support of my husband who generally buys treats and less healthy items I don’t like so I won’t be tempted.

I also have a supportive group of women at Standish where I weigh in and a lovely supportive leader. I feel supported more than ever this time around and I have not felt that so much in the past.

Two – Eating Regular

Due to illness I often struggle to eat regular, especially when I am very sick. I could easily lay in bed and not eat all day and then eat one bigger meal in the evening and some less healthy snacks.

Since starting the Weight Watchers flex plan, I have tried to eat more regular. I have healthy snacks in my top draw for times I am in bed and too unwell to go get food and am eating more often. This is helping me for sure.

Three- Planning

I am getting better at planning the meals each week. Although I do often get help with cooking the evening meals due to my health, I am planning the meals in advance.

This means we are buying the right foods from the Supermarket with a few nice snacks. It is helping us not to waste food, buy too much or spend our money on the wrong items.

For example, we used to buy a bag of potatoes each week. Now I buy a bag of just four potatoes and two large sweet potato. This will do three meals. We know how much yoghurt and fruit we need and don’t buy too much so it will go off or waste.

We generally have Shepherds pie once a week with potato and sweet potato mash. We have tuna pasta bake every two weeks, fish fingers every week and we buy in the things we need to make our meals more healthy.

We like curry so we make our own with fat free quark and add cauliflower rice to our normal rice to stretch out the meal.

Our food bill is around £60 per week and we manage to get everything we need, including Sylvia’s treats and snacks, It’s a tight budget but by planning we are able to buy the right foods.

Four – Think Long Term

If I eat something less healthy, go over my daily points or fall off plan, I can draw a line in the sand and start again the next day. It is so easy to feel like a failure, or feel bad if you fail to count points or make less healthy choices.

It is easy to sabotage the day and the week but that is something I have not done this time around. I decided if I make a choice I regret I will move on and start over the next hour and the next day.

I don’t have to eat less healthy all week because I made one choice which was not so great.

All foods can be eaten on the WW Flex plan but I know if I were to choose the high fat, sugary foods, my points would be gone super fast and I would not be able to eat the foods I need.

I have a treat every Wednesday when the supermarket shopping comes home. It’s okay as it is counted. However if I were to make a poor choice I now know this is a long term thing and one small choice can not ruin the week, the year, my journey.

So I met a lady last night who has lost 95 pounds. Amazing. She has been working at this for almost one and a half years. I can’t expect to lose the weight I want to lose fast, in a few months, it is going to take a few years of commitment.

My current goal is to lose another 4.5 pounds and I will reach my 5% weight loss goal. I will then take things from there. I know there will be weeks when I gain, even when I am doing everything right.

There will also be weeks I don’t lose or only lose a tiny amount like half a pound and whilst these weeks will be disappointing, I will keep going and not quit. I am not going to give up. It’s hard but I am going to do this.


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