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My First Weight Watchers Meeting

A few days ago I wrote a blog post called The Truth About My Weight Loss and how sad I had been feeling about my weight.

Well the good news is after lots of motivational comments and support, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up to Weight Watchers a program that I have not taken part in since before I got Adrenal Insufficiency.

I felt all sorts of emotions signing up. In fact I felt sick in my stomach, feeling as if I wanted to cry. I felt like a failure. I heard the negative voices in my head saying, this wont work, you’ll probably fail again and I felt scared.

However despite all the feelings and thoughts I was determined to join and make a start with my new weight loss journey.

So on Thursday, I attended my very first Weight Watchers Meeting as a married woman, as someone with chronic illness and as someone who is dependent on steroids for life. I made the first step towards a healthier me.

I still am scared, it’s not an easy step but I went and getting through the door at the local high school was my first step.

In fact due to my poor health, it was the only place I went this week, but I did it and I aim to go to weight watchers each week to weigh in and get the support I need to succeed.

So the first meeting was really interesting. I walked in and said, I feel sick and upset that I’m here.

It was a tiny group, in fact the meeting has just opened up in the area and there were only around 8 women in attendance. Most were new and have only been going for a few weeks so I kind of felt like I fitted in.

I purchased a journal to write down the foods I eat each day and I bought some Crunchy Tomato Bruschetta to eat with soup instead of bread.

I also treated myself to the monthly Weight Watchers magazine to give me some extra motivation and I felt ready to begin my journey.

During the meeting, we talked about the reasons we gain weight and about the importance of tracking what you eat. I was weighed and given a daily allowance of Smart Points.

I am allowed to eat 28 Smart Points worth of food each day.

That is the set amount for my body weight. I am also allowed a weekly allowance of points which can be used at any time during the week. I decided to try and save those points for the weekends or special occasions.

How Do I Feel

I am nervous. I am recording and sharing this experience and with that comes judgement. People will read my journey and I will become more accountable.

It’s scary because if I failed or did plan does not work for me, everyone will know.

Some people at the Weight Watchers meeting keep their weight loss private which I totally understand and I guess I might do the same if I were not a blogger and didn’t want to share my journey and help others.

However I am going to share my journey, the ups and downs, the good and the bad and the reality of being a Mother with chronic illness trying to lose weight.

I know there will be trolls from time to time but I don’t care. I am going to share this experience and hope it inspires and helps others to to make that first step and do the same. So what drove me to taking the leap?

It was the wise words of Vicki Psaris a Blogger at Honest Mum. Someone asked if they should start their weight loss plan now or after their birthday. Vicki, gave her advice, start now and take the day off on your birthday.

This is what I needed to hear. I have been contemplating starting a weight loss program for around 4 months and could not get myself to do it. Vicki’s words unbeknown to her helped me make that leap of faith.

So, can I fail? I guess it all depends on how we define failure.

I am going to do things differently this time. If I slip up and eat too many Smart Points, struggle to record my food or overindulge in something I should not, then I won’t label myself as a failure.

I will label myself as a human and draw a line in the sand and start over. I think I need to just stick to this and even when things are tough and get really hard not give up.

I lost the support I had in my previous weight loss efforts with the NHS due to budget cuts  but Weight Watchers will always be here. I hated the Liver Shrinking Diet the NHS gave me prior to surgery and weight watchers is the way forward for me from this point on. 

The NHS team that supported me previously lost their contract and I lost all support.

Being a part of Weight Watchers, the support will be available both at meetings, online, in Facebook groups and here on my blog. I am going to do my best and try as hard as I can and accept no one is perfect.

This is a journey to a destination, not a journey of perfection and I will bear this in mind as I start out.

Angela x

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