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Finding My Place In The Blogging World

It’s taken over two years but I feel like I’ve finally found my place in the blogging world. Several years ago I had no idea what the heck the word blog meant.

blogging world

I knew a blog was an online journal, diary type of thing but since starting my own blog in 2015 I soon came to realise that there is so much more to blogging than writing. Being a blogger involves many skill sets which you naturally grow and develop with practice.

Writing of course is my number one skill and without a desire or ability to write, blogging would be pretty dam hard. I started out writing about my experiences and have written so much on so many different subjects. I’ve tried creating linkys for other bloggers to join, changed categories and subjects and even had a huge name change back in October last year.

Working out the type of blogger you are is indeed a big process and I think the one thing you need the most is patience and time. I needed time to work out my writing style and I feel like I’m finally discovering it. I love to share so many things positive, inspirational, experiences and feelings and I find a certain writing style is much easier for me than others.

At times I’ve been frustrated as the type of content I’ve written was for an audience rather than for me. People say if you build it they will come. It’s not true. You can’t just create content and expect people to come read. You have to market and advertise and engage on social media and that is often for me much more work than the actual blog post.

I’m getting better at sharing my content and the things I write. I did spend a few months writing what I thought others wanted to read. I decided to change tact once I moved to the Inspiration Edit. I decided to write about whatever I felt like and share my experiences.

This is now for me, and those of you who enjoy to read can read along and share my journey. I write for my future. This is my record and journal. This is a record for my child and an opportunity to collage and make notes of the things we do together.

I’m no longer doing things for the blog but doing things for us and sharing it on the blog. It took a long time to figure this out but that’s what is best and the style I want to write.

I think writing is very therapeutic and it can benefit others as well as myself. It’s so important to me that people are able to read my experiences and maybe learn or gain insight to help themselves. Writing a blog is about helping others and sharing.

I’m pleased I finally figured my style. It has taken time but this is it. I am unique and I will no longer listen to the crowd that says, you should do this, you should do that. I plan to do this my way and make the most of it. I’m a happy blogger now and am better balanced knowing how I wish to proceed and it feels so wonderful.

Angela x