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Finding The Perfect Location For A Family Gathering


Finding The Perfect Location For A Family Gathering

*This is a collaborative Post.

When John and I got married we had the most amazing wedding venue. It was perfect for us and made our day super special. Whilst our wedding was done and dusted a long time ago, (it’s been almost four years) we do have special occasions coming up and often enjoy attending the celebrations of our friends as well as attending family reunions and other fantastic Summer party events.

If you want an amazing wedding or Summer party venue this Summer you could choose from a number of amazing London Venues. In fact you could book an Ultimate Experience party. There are a large number of summer party venues in London which can cater for guests from 150 to 2500 people. 

I’ve been to a fair few Summer Parties in my time and meeting up with friends and loved ones in London or any city can be an amazing experience. I remember going to a party in the Park as a teenager. It was a giant party with a few thousand people and was great fun. The weather was hot and the sun shining and we had a fantastic time outdoors.

Outdoor Perks

Summer time is the perfect time to host a gathering for everyone outside and it makes it much easier to host a huge party gathering as well. The “Ultimate Experience” in London has two popular outdoor venues that feature outdoor environments, The Artillery Garden at the HAC and The Garden Room in Syon Park. At these venues you can also rent out little fairs or carnivals full of games to keep children entertained the whole day and night through. I really love that The Artillery Garden Venue also has a yearly theme where it is transformed into something new each year. This year the theme is Victorian Heritage!


*This is a Collaborative Post

Take the Stress Out
If you tend to worry about all the details like cooking, designing, inviting, organising, and more then you’re going to LOVE the fact that Ultimate Experience works with a group of inspiring caterers and party planners to help take the stress out of planning an event. Let’s be honest, we all know planning a party is beyond stressful and with many guests it’s great to book a venue where everything is taken care of. 


You can customise your food and drink menu to fit your party and everyone attending so everyone can find something they like. There are two exclusive companies that work at venues run by Ultimate Experience and these companies combined offer 20 years of experience with the catering events so if you choose this one of these venues for your Summer Party you’re sure to be in safe hands.

So why are you still here? Head over and check out the Ultimate Experience and all the venues they have to offer. It’s looks great to me! 

Angela x

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