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Finding Out Who I Am As A Blogger

I’m not sure what’s come over me lately but I have an urge to write. I want to write about life, how I feel, what I think. I want to write inspirational and uplifting ideas. I want to write about my life, about my experiences and the fun things we do.


For so long I have struggled to work out the best direction for the blog. It appears every time I try to move towards a niche, I cant do it. I’ve been told you need a niche, a niche for followers. However the more I blog and the more I write the more I realise I ‘m not the niche type. It’s been an ongoing battle and I’ve not been able to conform to the expected- to writing in one specific way about one specific thing.

Maybe I’m just not supposed to.

Yes I love cooking, I love style, I love sharing my thoughts and feelings but I really don’t think I want to limit myself to a specific niche. I simply cannot! What does this mean for me?

If my blog is about me and my life will I ever fit into a category? I really am not sure.

Am I a health Blogger? Yes I write about my health.

Am I a parent Blogger? Of course, I’m a mother and write about my experiences with Sylvia.

Am I a dog Blogger? Yes I blog about our Bichon Dogs and love this.

Am I a food Blogger? Well I certainly share ideas and recipes from time to time although my health and physical abilities do place a limit on this.

Am I a Home and Interiors Blogger? Yes I love to share ideas ideas for the home and I love to share tips and tricks.

Am I a Photography Blogger? Yes I am, photography is a wonderful thing and I love to share images taken by me and my husband on the blog.

Am I a Fashion Blogger? Yes, I love to write Sylvias Style posts and this is often the highlight of my week.

Am I an Inspirational Blogger? Yes, I like to hope I stay positive and that I inspire and help others through the writing of my blog.

If you put all these together, it really does create me, Angela Milnes. I am a lifestyle blogger. I blog about my life. I blog about my ideas, my experiences and whatever makes me happy. I am random and I think this can be seen as both a plus and a minus.

Being so versatile means, I may get followers and people who like the blog one day and not the next. I could get people interested in one subject and not another and this could limit my ability to keep regular readers.

However on the other hand there must be thousands of people like me who like to read different things. Surely there are readers who love a little bit of everything and surely I can continue to grow my blog, find and retain an engaged audience and have my little space here in the blogosphere.

I guess I’ve experienced so much and have so many ideas it is hard for me to limit myself to one subject and therefore no matter what I choose to write about I have one goal and that is to inspire those around me. I think that’s all I can ask for.

So with this in mind I will write, I will not worry about who follows or unfollows me. I wont worry what others think of my blog, I will simply focus on enjoying my blog, writing from the heart, sharing the things I feel passionate about and hopefully in the process Inspiring others.

I’ve finally figured it out. I am an Inspirational Blogger. That’s the category I fit into. I have thoughts, words and ideas to help those around me to Inspire others to simply be happy, have fun and enjoy life.

That’s what I shall continue to do, despite all the difficulties. I will enjoy life and enjoy blogging by writing the things I feel, rather than writing what I feel others want to hear. This is who I am and those that appreciate me will continue to visit and read my blog.