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Finding Casper The Dog Bleeding

Last night we had a minor emergency when we found Casper the dog bleeding from his mouth. I must admit it was not something we expected and came as a bit of a shock. No one want’s to find their dog bleeding and we certainly didn’t but here is the story of what happened and how it was resolved.

We were watching the Star Wars themed movie Solo when all of a sudden I noticed Casper our dog covered in blood. He was licking his paws and had red fur pretty bad. We immediately grabbed a towel and laid him on it to try and work out why our Dog was bleeding.

Now finding a dog bleeding is not something I’ve ever dealt with before and not something I had experience with so we inspected his legs and mouth to try and find the source of the bleed.

It appeared the blood was coming from the mouth not the legs and so we quickly took casper upstairs and popped him into the bath, washing his body to help work out what was going on better.

Once we had washed the blood away we were able to see that Casper had cut his mouth pretty bad. We did not know how but there was a cut on his lip and he needed treatment.

So off we went to sort out Caspers mouth. Luckily the cut had clotted and stopped bleeding and Casper the dog did not need stitches or further treatment but it was a real fright.

Finding Our Dog Bleeding

I really love my Bichon dog to bits. In fact Casper is such a loyal friend to me and for a moment I had worried that something worse or greater than a cut might be happening.

I even shared on Facebook and had plenty of support and good advice from dog owners and experienced people saying to take him to the vets. I am sure we made the right decision and did the best to help him and am pleased he is back to his normal self.

Casper was a little clingy tonight and I guess the bleed must have given him a fright not to mention the pain. Even paper cuts can hurt us humans so I imagine a cut on the mouth would bring some pain to a dog.

The good news is Casper is over the ordeal and not badly hurt and I’ve now researched what to do if your dog is bleeding in case this happens again in the future.

casper the dog bleeding

What To Do If Your Dog Is Bleeding

If you find your dog bleeding externally, the best thing to do is to take control of the bleed by compressing the area with a clean cloth or piece of gauze. By holding this directly over an external wound and applying firm but gentle pressure you will be able to help the blood to form a clot.

Makes sure once the cut has clotted that you do not disturb this. If the cut is on a paw or leg area you can compress the site and elevate the leg above the heart to help slow down your dogs blood pressure.

If the bleed is arterial or severe go to the vets as soon as possible, apply a tourniquet to help reduce bleeding and take towels for travelling with the dog. If it turns out to be a small bleed you won’t need an emergency appointment but may need to find a way to protect the cut and prevent your dog interfering with it and disturbing the clot.

As our Dog casper cut his mouth, it was not a wound on the body he could keep licking or disturbing and therefore he did not need a cone to protect and allow it to heal. This can however be needed at times to protect a cut from re-bleeding.

casper the dog bleeding

It was certainly a new experience finding our dog bleeding and not a nice one for all involved but I’m glad Casper is safe and well and he had plenty of cuddles and extra attention for the evening.