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If you’re anything like us, you absolutely adore anything in which you are able to exercise your creativity and flex your designing muscle. Finally organizing all of your home crafts to this end can be an exciting prospect, and a daunting one in equal measure. It’s not uncommon for those into crafts to be superbly excited about placing all of our wonderful creations around the house, which can be great, until you realize that the place looks cluttered.

Additionally, areas such as your attic, garage or basement may be filled with your little creations or projects, and it can be hard to let things go. Not only that, but for people to whom this is a great hobby, the materials such as paint easels, clay tools and canvases can be strewn around the house. And this is to say nothing of seamstress work, the creations you make with your children or even hobbyist pieces such as your reams of calligraphy work.

Finally organizing all of your home crafts can be a difficult process. With our advice, we hope you can make further sense of it:

Store Them

Storing your crafts can help you in that intermediate stage between figuring out what to do with them and considering if they are useful or not. Not only that, but it can help your bulkier items stay cared for if you have little studio room. For example, a huge easel to keep a massive canvas can sometimes be quite bulky and hard to store correctly, but storage units may have the space and the security to ensure your belongings are well kept. A company like Lighthouse Storage Cooper City is a good option to store your crafts. Additionally, this can also help you segment the crafts you are working on vs. those you might keep in storage for another day.

Sell Them

Through stores such as Etsy, eBay and even your own website, selling your artwork has never been easier and more applicable. But it’s not just artwork, crafts can also take centre stage on these platforms. Offering your items to a global audience could help you make a little money from their creation, perhaps even offering you a second income! Additionally, you will be getting rid of your cluttered space, and helping someone’s hope sparkle with the joy of your own creation. If that’s not something to celebrate, it is hard to know what is.

Display Them

It’s one thing to have your crafts sitting on shelves, but have you thought about how you might tastefully use them within your home? Perhaps that one craft could be used as a doorstop, another as an office paperweight, your carving with the long upturned nose as a hook for coats. This sounds a little silly, and it is, but finding beautiful means of displaying your items with careful lighting and placement, or using them throughout the house in a manner that helps your home radiate with character could be all you need for a tremendous display.

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