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I often ask myself what kind of blogger am I? What is my niche? Where do I fit in? I call a Lifestyle blog with a twist because that’s what it is, a blog about life, the life of me, my family and our pet Yoda.

I write about health and my own illness and how this affects my life. I write about weight loss, life experiences and coping as a Mother who is unwell. I write about our adventures, family fun, cooking experiences and experiments, parenting, educating and teaching kids.

My blog is here there and everywhere at the minute and fitting all we do as a family into different categories is mind boggling at times.

I have so many different categories floating around in my head and it’s been driving me a bit bonkers. I’ve thought……

Do I have a family fun category and a parenting or does this all go into one?

Do I have a healthy lifestyle category and the Adrenal Diaries and Weight loss?

Do I have a review category or just pop it into the relevant topic?

Where do my book reviews fit in? Health or parenting?

What about blogging tips or my thoughts? Where does that fit in?

I don’t write enough recipes to justify a recipe category.

What about a lovely home or going out and about?

What about a fashion category for the clothes my daughter wears?

All the other bloggers  I know tend to have a niche, but I don’t.

I’m a lifestyle blog covering so many subjects that it gets quite confusing not only for me but probably for my audience too- except for those who love randomness and not knowing whats coming next. I would however like to figure out my niche once and for all.

After much thinking. I came to realise their are Four main themes.

  • Being a Mother/Parent – the family fun/activities/recipes/outings- everything parenting related.
  • Family Lifestyle- in the home, things we choose to do out and about, diy etc
  • Health /Adrenal Insufficiency- Both my Health story and my posts on health.
  • My thoughts/tips/ideas about Blogging- my blogging journey (like this post your reading) and actual good tips or info to improve as a blogger.

It should not be so difficult. I think my brain fog and poor concentration levels are making it a lot harder than usual to think clearly. Either way, I am going to simplify my categories as there are too many to keep up with.

At the end of the day my blog is about a lifestyle of being unwell, fighting to get better, being a parent and making the most out of life no matter what our circumstances.

I can succeed, I just need to do things at the right pace and as I do, success will come and I will slowly work out who I am and find my place in this blogging minefield. I have so many fabulous ideas but I have to take things slow and not run faster than I have strength.


  1. I have similar issues with blogging about so much that I have way too many categories. I like how you grouped yours in your plan šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Julie. I think i’ve got it organised now… it can be real tricky and I’ve now categorised everything in a way I’m hoping will work for me. šŸ™‚ Fingers crossed!

  2. Do you know I have been thinking this a bit too. A first it was all just about blogging, but more I have been thinking that I need to be more focused. I think of your blog as a parenting & lifestyle blog with a health/illness focus x

    1. Thanks Laura… I think i was going a little sidewards and now have reigned everything back in with my new categories and this is great preparation for my new template in the coming months. šŸ™‚

  3. I agonised over this for weeks – everything I read about blogging says you have to have a niche. Then one day I thought, sod it, I don’t want to limit myself so I don’t have a niche. And it works for me! I find niche a bit like a label and I don’t label myself! Good luck, whichever route you decide to go down šŸ™‚ #candidcuddles

    1. I agree with you Debbie. I did consider having no categories. It really does take time to figure out your blogging voice. I have cut it down to four general categories and everything I write will simply have to fall into one of those groupings for now. Angela x

  4. I just recently consolidated some of my categories because some fit where others didn’t. I’m still figuring it out too! Visiting from #candidcuddles

  5. Great minds think alike Angela as I have attempted to do this too and relabeled all my posts (that took all night) and also made a page to tell readers what I am about. I’m not sure how I would measure my success but it made me feel better. #candidcuddles

    1. I think it’s almost a right of passage every blogger has to go through. I have a friend who after 3 years recently changed her categories to suit her new direction and then another blogger just ended her blog to start a new one! I’m finding it just takes time to shape ourselves.

  6. Categorizing is challenging for me, too! Glad I’m not the only one- lol! I like your chosen categories, and I think your blog will be great with them. Love your quote choice, too. We’re the only ones who can make our lives successful! It’s all in hard work and good decision-making. xx #candidcuddles

    1. I don’t know why I find this so difficult. Some things I find easy and others not. It may be a case of needing more time….which is fine as I have plenty of that! Thanks for stopping by Katie.

  7. I really relate to this post – I’ve been trying to work out my niche too. Every time I come close, I find some new random interest I really need to start blogging about! šŸ™‚ #candidcuddles

  8. I asked myself this very question again last night, I am a mummy blogger, lifestyle blogger, advice blogger, travel/review blogger, I even have a separate website for my dog blog! But you know what that is the real me, I ma all these things so I will continue to share all parts of me on my website! You go girl, you are fab! #candidcuddles

  9. I know exactly how you feel, I like to write about health and lifestyle stuff but then I also write about cats… and netball … and then i get the occassional urge to write about something entirely un-related :p and then i’m like niche piche ! Great post and now I know i’m not the only one šŸ™‚ #anythinggoes

    1. It’s funny how everyone is saying they think the same. it is good to know it’s not just me. I also read something another blogger said about the blog being a magazine of my life so there are so many factors and areas to cover lol!

  10. Sometimes it really helps to get things down on paper. I know on the days when my hormones are al over the place and my head if full of fog I have not a clue what I’m doing. But all you got to know is you are doing a good thing – be who you are as a blogger and the rest will follow! #AnythingGoes

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I like to write how I feel and get my thoughts out, it helps me to figure things out and this has shown me i’m not the only one to feel this way.

  11. I am the same as you. I write all manner of random stuff, book reviews, recipes, blog posts and my news review. I see a lot of advice on finding your niche, but as I see it, the linking thread through all of it is me. These are my views and experiences on all the different topics. #anythinggoes

    1. Oh I know, it’s really quite random at times! Debs from random musings has the perfect title! lol I’m now seeing this is a dilemma for all bloggers and workign ourselves out is a process ha ha! Angela x

    1. I’m learning from this post that we as individuals and mothers are the niche! The categories simply help us organise our lives but no life is simple. Angela x

  12. I like your plan for your categories, organised without being complicated. Randomness is good, too! I don’t even have any categories yet, I probably should, but haven’t really got round to it yet. I’m not sure what my niche is, if I have one at all. The name of my blog suggests an expat and bilingual kids focus, but I write more about other topics! #CandidCuddles

    1. Thanks Ruth. We all do things a little at a time and one step at a time. It is tricky to work out who we are..that’s what life is all about lol! Angela

  13. This one took me a bit too. I am a lifestyle blog also, and I finally decided that the overall theme would be Making Life Better; mentally, aesthetically, physically and emotionally. Then there are subcategories stemming from each one. It’s not just your brain fog, honest, it takes a minute and it’s kind of a big decision. You got this, let it marinate and then go from there. You can always adjust it one way or another! I hope you have a great week.

    1. I love reading your blog Nikki. You know I read a lot more than I comment. I like that your blog as an emotional aspect. It’s really great! I will let things marinate! (thats a cool word) and things will fit into place eventually.

      Angela x

  14. It’s not just you Angela, I have been having the same questions myself about my niche & what am I saying. I think there’s too much pressure to have a certain voice or to be specific. I also think that the categories you came up with are perfect! Thanks so much for sharing with #candidcuddles, hope to see you tomorrow x

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