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Simple Spruces for a Fresh and Festive Home – A Collaboration

The season is here for festive cheer! Yes, that’s right; your home is about to be bombarded with about a hundred more people than usual this Christmas time. All of a sudden, you are expected to cater to all of your close friends and family members. Usually, you would get excited at the prospect of hosting, but your home never feels ready.

There are so many fun and easy ways to spruce up your home this holiday season. Check out some of the ideas mentioned below and your transition into Christmas, will be a whole lot easier.

Carpet and Rug Revitalisation 

The first place to start when freshening up your home environment is an unexpected one. Your floors go through so much wear and tear on a daily basis, so you need to treat them to a little extra love whenever you can. With Devine Rug Care you can revitalise you’re treasured rugs and spruce up your carpets. Your home will feel totally fresh if you focus on these finer details, so look into your options now.

Deep Clean and Declutter

Every homeowner knows that amazing feeling of cleaning the entire house from top to bottom. As soon as you have completed the job, you feel like a whole new person.

You may even feel as though you live in a whole new house! Use this as your perfect opportunity to deep clean your entire home before the holiday season approaches.

You should also throw away all of those unwanted belongings that keep cluttering up your cupboards, closets and drawers.

Divine Decorations

No home would be complete at this time of year without some divine Christmas decorations. Cover your tree in stunning lights, sparkling baubles and spectacular ornaments.

You can also venture further than your Christmas tree by adorning the mantelpiece with stunning wreaths and twinkling fairy lights. With all of these stunning finishing touches your home will soon feel like a festive grotto and your family will absolutely love it.

Rearrange Your Rooms

When you are expected a lot of visitors, you may need to make your home more accessible and spacious. Without spending a fortune on more chairs and tables, you can actually make your rooms feel bigger when you rearrange the furniture. Switch around the larger items in each room and you might find some hidden space that you never knew existed.

Move the couch to the other side of the room and rearrange the dining room so that you can fit enough seats around it for Christmas dinner. Soon enough you will find the perfect arrangement for your family and friends. You might even love the changes you make and decide to keep them that way in the future!

So if you consider the ideas mentioned above, your home will soon be looking super fresh and festive in a flash. Whether you’re getting your carpets cleaned or decluttering your entire home, you will soon feel super prepared for all of your visitors this festive season.