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Fathers Day Gifts for the Star Wars Geeks

fathers day gifts

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Fathers Day Gifts for the Star Wars Geeks

When Sylvia was a few months old, I left her birth father and became a singe mother. I had to end my marriage due to violence and abuse. I had to protect my little girl from growing up in a unhealthy environment and from experiencing emotional and physical abuse.

Sylvia deserved better. I deserved better and I was not going to allow her to grow up around a man who needed to have power and control over me and potentially his child.

I became a single mother and moved back to my country of birth in the UK. I was a single mum for quite some time and in 2013 I married my sweetheart Sylvia’s step-father John.

John has been everything Sylvia needed in a father. He is kind and loving. Caring and firm. John takes Sylvia on daddy daughter dates, does the school run and to the park. Sylvia and John have a very strong bond and their relationship is more than I could have ever dreamed of. John is Sylvia’s father, she calls him dad and it is as if he had always been here from the start.

With Father’s Day coming up we wanted to get John something special this year. It’s hard knowing what to get for John. He loves star wars and he has a Mr potato head Darth Vader. He has plenty of socks and geeky gadgets. The big things John would love like camera gear and lenses are too dear for a father’s day gift and he can be tricky to buy for.

This year we decided to give John a new Howick Polo Shirt and will be buying him some Swimming shorts from House of Fraser. We will also look for something to do with Star Wars. I have a few days left to order something online. Sylvia has made a card and Sunday is going to be a special day in our home.

With this in mind, I imagine there are a few people out there wondering what to buy there father’s or partners for Father’s Day, so here is a little guide of ideas, especially if the father in your life is a star wars geek.

fathers day gifts

  1. Darth Vader Mr Potato Head
  2. Star Wars Socks
  3. Howick Polo Shirt
  4. Yoda Cup
  5. Aspinal Hip Flask
  6. Star Wars cuff Links

What will you be getting your father this Father’s Day?

We were sent a sample product in exchange for this blog post.


  1. That little today mug is cool. My husband is away for Father’s Day which in feeling a bit sad about, but we have decided to celebrate the following Sunday instead. I’ve bought him the Reverant on DVD as I know he really wanted to see it and missed it at the cinema (even though it’s really not my cup of tea) plus a cordless phone as ours is broken and Rolando uses it to stay in touch with his family and to pick up messages for his business.

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