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10 Fashion Tips for Wearing Your Rings

Rings have been used as adornments for centuries. In fact, there are only three cultures that do not have a history of citizens wearing them as jewellery. Traditionally rings have been fashioned from metal and often have symbolic meanings such as commitment or love. Wedding and engagement are still some of the most popular rings, but there are also dozens of styles that are worn as fashion accessories. They reflect the personality, add sparkle to special occasions, and help wearers create a trendy look. Fortunately, there is no single right way to wear rings. With a few tips from jewellery and clothing trendsetters, anyone can use them to create a fashion-forward look.

  1. Get the Size Right

Every ring should fit correctly to get the ideal look. A simple plastic ring sizer will do the job. Always measure fingers at the end of the day, when they are warm. Learn the basics of measuring to get a good fit when buying online. For example, if you decide on a style and see it at, the item may be offered in whole number sizes ranging from 5-13, (.61 inches-.87 inches) while your fingers fall between sizes. Simply size up and it will be fine. It is easy to get quality purchases re-sized if necessary.

  1. Choose the Best Finger for Each Ring

Rings can be worn on either hand, and the choice is completely up to you. Per a wikiHow contributor, even wedding band placement has become more flexible in recent years. In general, statement rings are best worn on the little finger, small bands on middle fingers, and wedding sets on the “ring” finger.

  1. Match Rings to Outfits

Rings can range from ultra-casual and fun to classic and formal. To avoid a clash, choose styles that match the clothing and events. Stick to the same jewellery colour scheme, too. If you are going for a colour theme, avoid wearing tones like gold and silver together, to avoid a clash.

  1. Select Rings to Reflect Your Personality

Choose rings that match your personal style. If you like drama, big, colorful stones might be ideal. Shoppers who enjoy a classic look will be drawn to timeless jewellery like simple diamond or gemstone pieces. A dainty girl might enjoy a ring that includes a delicate year, name, or butterfly design. Keep an eye out for styles that resonate with your personality. They can found everywhere from craft fairs to favourite jewellers.

  1. Use Cocktail Rings as Formal Elements

Reserve large, bold cocktail rings for special occasions. They are meant to be eye-catching accessories, so it is best not to wear them with other rings. Any piece with a large stone is best worn at a dressy occasion. Wedding and engagement rings are always acceptable for any occasion.

  1. Simple Bands Complement Accessories

When in doubt, wear simple bands. They match every style, work for special occasions, and look good worn with other jewellery. Wearing one or more plain bands or those with uncomplicated designs can prevent a gaudy look. According to the symbolism of rings, wearing a band on the right hand represents work and activity while a single band on a left hand is a symbol of emotion, character, and beliefs.

  1. Stackable Rings Are Trending

Cosmopolitan fashion experts advise that stacking rings is very hot. The idea is to go for a “more is more” look by wearing lots of sparkly hand jewellery. It is cool, a fun trend that allows for a lot of creativity. There is no one right way to create the look, but fashionistas do have some tips. When all of your rings are the same colour, consider mixing the shapes. For a pared-down version of the trend, wear one ring on just a few fingers. It’s fine to stack several slim bands on one finger since there are really no rules and it’s all about personal taste.

  1. Space Your Hand Jewellry

Although some stylish women wear large, chunky rings on every finger, it’s considered a more masculine style that is popular with men. In general women’s hands look better when rings are carefully spaced. It’s also important not to overload one hand with too much jewellery. For instance, wearing four rings on one hand and none on the other isn’t as stylish as choosing one or two metal bands for each hand, and then adding one-two more elaborate styles. If you’re not used to that much jewellery, start with one or two rings until you get used to the look.

  1. Balance Statement Pieces with Bigger Rings

Big rings are very in but should either be worn alone or paired with accessories that provide balance. For example, a metal cuff bracelet paired with a large cocktail ring is a great look. It’s fine to mix metals but avoid too many variations. Avoid more than two tones. Wearing combinations like silver, gold, and gunmetal together creates a distracting, cluttered effect.

  1. Experiment with Trending Looks

Once you understand the basic style guidelines for rings, the best thing to do is simply try fashions and see if they feel right. Be bold and break a few rules. For instance, you might like stacking but only on focus fingers like your index and middle fingers. It’s a very chic look. There’s also no need to stick with ideas like choosing only delicate jewellery for slim hands. Don’t be afraid to add a more heavily jewelled piece if that strikes your fancy. The important thing is to create a personal style, whether that means the same slim ring on every hand or always wearing a single statement ring with all your clothes.

When it comes to fashion, the ring is definitely the thing. It is possible to create a more formal or casual look just by changing ring styles. As long as they are sized correctly, rings look terrific worn alone or on every finger. Fashionistas often stack them for a trendy effect and a cocktail ring can be the ideal accessory for a special event. The key is to try styles, see what works for you, and be brave enough to break a few rules.