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Fashion Shoots, Boxtrolls and Shopkins

Well hey there,

It’s been a busy week this week and we have had a lot going on. I have started my Liver Shrinking Diet in preparation for my Gastric Bypass and I’ve done a lot of resting and sleeping while Sylvia has returned back to school following the holidays. I’ve been very nervous and excited and am really looking forward to what is in store in the coming weeks although it’s going to be hard work.


This week I read a book called The Dangerous Book for Grandads. It was a really fab and reminded me of the things I used to do in my childhood. I’ve also been reading a lot of blog posts from Pinterest. I’m trying to learn some new things to help me improve my instagram as I’m struggling with it. Some things I pick up easy and others I just struggle to get it, so I need to read more and more until it sinks in.


So this week we watched the Boxtrolls and I really enjoyed it. I’ve also decided to watch tv more often. Television can be for me a way to relax and since I started blogging, I kind of got out of balance and haven’t watched much so I wanted to do something enjoyable rather than just blog work. Blogging is fun but it’s also a job and I need down time. So I started watching a series called Cold Justice which is about unsolved murders and I’ve really enjoyed it.

Box Trolls


This week we had a Massive Fashion Shoot with Sylvia. I now have a weekly post called my Sunday Style and we have been taking all the photos for the coming months so that it’s done in one go. We had a fun time and Sylvia really enjoyed doing this. She can be very photogenic at times and was excited to get some new shopkins as payment for her hours work.

Fashion Shoot

Fashion Shoot


Sylvia has been playing on her new guitar which she got for Christmas and I’ve heard her playing it at night when she is supposed to be asleep. I’ve also been hearing my daughter say the funniest things. Apparently I’m her slave. Cough cough, I don’t think so. Sylvia has also come up with the funniest things. She wanted a beauty night and asked John to by cucumber, when he asked for for, she said “for beauty requirements of course”. We could not stop laughing. Sometimes my daughter is so adorable and other times she is cheeky. The one thing I love about her is her funny sense of humour. It’s great. We bought the cucumber and did the beauty session.

Beauty treatment



Sylvia and I invented a new way to have fun incorporating her Shopkins toys. We play cards, games, connect four or any game she chooses and the winner gets to choose one Shopkin. We may play a few games over the week and once all the Shopkins are allocated we count them up to see who has won allround.



And Lastly

I am super duper happy because after submitting seven articles to “The Mighty”, one got published this week and then, to my amazement a second article was published on the same day. I wrote a post celebrating the fact one of my blogging goals for 2016 was completed all ready. I’m really pleased and quite happy that I persisted when I did feel like giving up after hearing nothing lots of times.

Angela x