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Today on the blog we are reviewing Fantastic Gymnastics and new game from Hasbro gaming. This was a fun and easy to play game which takes a matter of minutes to set up.

fantastic Gymnastics

It took less than two minutes to set up the pieces and insert the 4 batteries which were required in order for the game to work.

fantastic gymnastics game

The game is pretty simple. You flip the gymnast figure around the high bar helping him gain speed and momentum. At the right moment you then hit the release button to let the gymnast fly and land on the mat.

fantastic gymnastics game

Getting the hang of the game took a  little time at first but we soon got into it. It was not easy to get the gymnast to land perfectly but we eventually got the hang of it and the game was very fun to play. This game is aimed for children aged 8 plus.

fantastic gymnastics game

The landing mat has points so you can play a head to head challenge, take part in a tournament or even play solo. Sylvia enjoyed this game and when given the option to play again or put the game away, she wanted to play again.

*We were sent this game for the purpose of review. Fantastic Gymnastics retails at £22.99 and is a fun game which we enjoyed testing out.

Angela x