Fantastic Friends Featuring Naomi

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Fantastic Friends Featuring Naomi

Welcome to the final post in my fantastic friendship series. This is a blog series where I have been talking about a friend who has a special place in my life. It’s a record for me and my daughter but also something inspiring which others may enjoy reading.

Angela x


When I was a really young I used to visit my grandparents home in West Yorkshire. I’d often go to church with my grandparents when visiting and it was here I met a little girl named Naomi. I recall going to an Easter activity where we had to decorate boiled eggs. Naomi won and I came second.

I didn’t see Naomi again for about 14 years. By this time she was all grown up married and had a child of her own. I was new to West Yorkshire and Naomi invited Sylvia and I on a play date to a soft play area. We instantly became friends once more and hers is a friendship I will always appreciate.

I lived in Yorkshire from 2010 to 2013 and during this time my relationship with Naomi grew. Sylvia got on well with her little boy, she still does and we attended weight watchers together, went to car boot sales and did what good friends do.

One thing I love about Naomi is her husband. He is so funny and I love his sense of humour. Naomi’s husband is part Scottish. He wore a kilt at his wedding and every now and again the family go on holiday to Scotland.

In 2013 during a trip to Scotland Naomi bought me the most awesome mug. It is a naughty nessies mug depicting the loch ness monster and in fact many different loch ness monsters and I love it. My nessies mug is my favourite mug. I have used it for 3 years and wish I had another. I might just have to buy one.

Naughty nessies mug

Whenever I use my naughty nessies mug it reminds me of my friendship with Naomi. Another thing that reminds me of Naomi is Disney.

Naomi loves Disney movies and although I’ve always loved Disney myself my friend’s enthusiasm for everything Disney really rubbed off on me and it inspired me to dream big and set a goal to take Sylvia to Disneyland.

disney mulan

I really don’t think I would have gone to Disney land without the influence of my friend. She doesn’t even know it but I made a comment how it might be a nice thing to do and the encouragement I got gave me the motivation to follow through with the idea and for that I’m grateful.


I never knew growing up how much a friendship could blossom but this one sure did and it’s fantastic to be able to see my friend from time to time when I return to the area that my grandparents live.

Naomi doesn’t even know how much her love for Disney has inspired me and now I think I’m not too far behind. Sylvia certainly loves everything Disney and we are hoping to return to Disneyland Paris again one day before Sylvia turns ten. I am saving up and our dreams will come true!

Angela x

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  1. What a nice article. It’s true that some friendships just “gel”…no matter how long you go without seeing each other, you’ll always be friends x

  2. What a beautiful story. It’s amazing how you and Naomi had a moment of friendship many years ago in the past and were able to rekindle that friendship. Naomi sounds like a lot of fun and an inspiring and caring person.

  3. I would also love to visit Disneyland Paris someday. With the new travel bans being put into place, I wonder if we’ll ever get to!

  4. What a beautiful friendship you and your friend have. It’s so amazing to have those people you click with!

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