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Fantastic Blinds for a Child’s Bedroom


Fantastic Blinds for a Child’s Bedroom

John and I recently decided to make a change in Sylvia’s room. Sylvia has had curtains for some time but with the sunny days and long summer nights we have been considering changing to blinds and the option of blacking out the room at bedtime.

There are lots of different variety’s and options to choose from when it comes to blinds and Luxaflex have a really great range which are both colourful, stylish and most importantly have fantastic safety features. I thought I’d share some of the blinds I really like the look of.


The Luxaflex Duette Shades are a great choice for a restful sleep. These blinds have a unique honeycomb construction which help keep the home warm in the winter  and cool in the summer. Duette shades are great for absorbing sound and keep out noise allowing your child to have a good night sleep.


Another style of blind I really like are the roof window blinds. These can be designed and built to a specified size and there are lots of fun styles and designs to choose from. With the roller style blind you can actually choose a patterned or solid bold colour.


The Plisse Blinds are another fantastic option for the child’s bedroom. The rich textured weaves are great for controlling the light and come once again in many shapes, sizes and designs.


One thing I particularly like about the Luxaflex range of blinds is the safety options. Rather than having dangerous cords, the blinds can use the innovative Literise system. What this means is that the blinds can be raised or lowered to the level you want them without cords making them more safe when little ones are around.


I think having a cordless option such as Literise is brilliant and it’s something as a parent and previous early years teacher I would highly recommend in terms of window and home safety.

LiteRise no cords Yellow

Luxaflex are able to come to your home, measure and install blinds for you. They cover all shape and size windows. No matter what your need, there is a style and blind that suits every family.


Another Luxaflex option is motorised blinds. This again is a brilliant feature and safety mechanism and there are options to control the blinds via remote or even on your tablet or Iphone App. Another feature which I think sets these blinds above the rest.


So, as we decide on the perfect blinds for our child’s room, there are plenty of options we can consider both in style, design and with safety features. Which blinds do you like best?





  1. We already have blinds in our house but been looking for a new one for little one. The cream is so boring!
    Alas, no where does thomas tank blinds hahaha

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