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Tips For Family Fun In The Sun

Summertime is such an exciting time of year, the good weather and long sunny days means there’s plenty of opportunity to get outside and make memories with the ones we love the most. And when the kids break up from school for the summer holidays, it can be a wonderful opportunity to spend time with them and really celebrate their childhood.

As parents, we don’t get all that many summers with our kids- before we know it they’re all grown up- and so it’s important to make the most of this time while we can.

However, one thing that can stress out just about every family over the summer is how they’re going to afford everything, after all, days out can be really expensive and kids get bored quickly. Thankfully there are ways you can keep kids busy and have fun as a family without it breaking the bank. Here are some ideas.

Things To Do In Summer

First things first, it helps if you sit down and plan out a number of days out and activities you can do over the summer holidays that don’t cost much. Do some research and find out what’s on at your local community centre or library. See if any free events are being held at the park or in your town or city centre.

If you scour Facebook and ask around, you might be surprised at just how many fun family activities are held all over the country. Next, consider other free or cheap days out- things like museums and galleries, parks and gardens. You could plan a family hike or bike ride, or a day out at the beach. Pack up the car with supplies and head down, or book a coach if you don’t drive.

It doesn’t have to be all expensive zoos, theme parks, waterparks and holidays abroad. Anything that gets you in new surroundings and trying new things will always be a winner. However, it’s important not to overlook rainy day fun as well. You’re bound to have at least a few days of bad weather, so get organised!

How about buying a big craft set from a site like ebay, they’re really cheap and kids can make pictures, cards and more one day when the weather is bad. Perhaps you could buy some basic baking ingredients and spend an afternoon baking and decorating cakes. You could have a movie day, or play board games together. 

Food and drink

One of the most expensive parts of a day out, even a free day out is the food and drink. Don’t find yourself falling into the trap of finding inexpensive things to do, but then spending a fortune on things to eat and drink. Come organised and pack your own picnic, it doesn’t need to just be boring soggy sandwiches.

Search Pinterest for picnic inspiration, make some delicious fresh pasta salads, homemade cakes, scotch eggs and more- these are all things you can do with the kids the day before as another fun activity.

If you bring a cool bag full of ice packs it will stay nice and cold until lunchtime and you can save yourself a good chunk of money.

If you’re going on a longer trip such as a full day out in the car, you can even buy electric coolboxes which are powered from your car. 

Family Clothing For Summer

Finally, summer can be expensive because everyone needs a new wardrobe. While you and your partner might be able to get away with digging out last year’s summer clothes, your kids will have certainly grown. Search around for cheap kids clothes, there are loads of websites plus places like supermarkets and charity shops. You don’t need to spend a lot, and if you go with a ‘capsule wardrobe’ approach you’ll get more for your money.

This would involve buying a couple of staple pieces such as neutral coloured shorts and skirts, and then a number of different tops that they can wear with them for a different look each time.

If you have older children or relatives with kids older than yours, handing clothes down can be a great way to save on costs- especially with things like summer clothes as they won’t be worn for a very long time. Before we know it, the chilly autumn weather will be back!

The summer holidays are approaching fast, but don’t get yourself in a stress if you don’t have much money. A little planning and preparation and your kids will go back to school in September with lots of wonderful memories and stories to tell their friends. 

How do you keep family costs down over the summer?

*This is a collaborative post*