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Do You Love Music Festivals?

Last week I was looking through some old photos. My photos have fantastic memories and so I thought I’d share my thoughts on festivals which is something I loved to do when I was younger.

I grew up in New Zealand and one of the things I loved to do each year was attend the annual festivals. In fact it was a big thing is Auckland where I lived and a really fun day out. My favourite annual event was the Easter Show and I also loved Christmas In The Park. I loved these events, it was super fun and a great adventure. I enjoyed watching the concerts, taking part in fair games, going on rides and enjoyed the tasty festival food.


Now I live in the UK we have the opportunity to test out festivals in England and across Europe. There are plenty of festivals to choose from and I found a great list of family friendly music festivals for 2017 to check out. I think as a family attending the British music festival Camp Bestival would be super fun. In fact for a few years now I have been following some of my blogging friends and reading about their adventures at festivals such as Camp Bestival.

Camp Bestival is something I think we would love. I really enjoyed reading Aby’s post at You Baby Me Mummy last year and seeing the fun her daughter Ava had during their festival adventures. I can’t forget that blog post as the photos were amazing and it made such an impression on me.

The more I read about festivals the more I want to take Sylvia to experience this. There are festivals in many different countries from Ireland, Germany and Slovakia to Austria, Poland and Hungary. We do love to travel and combining a festival adventure with a visit to a new country we have not visited could be fun. I’d love to visit Ireland one day and love the sound of Electric Picnic at the start of September. It’s the last weekend before Sylvia goes back to school.

I think if we went to a festival overseas I would want to find a place to stay which is comfy and budget friendly. I’d need somewhere peaceful where I could rest when I needed to. Having Adrenal Insufficiency I often need to rest and pace myself, so finding a place to stay off site might work best for us rather than camping at the festival.

So a festival may be on the horizon in the future for me and my family. You just never know. We are going on a holiday with my parents before they return to New Zealand. We just have to work out a plan! I am super excited.

Angela x