Family-Friendly Interior Design: Taking Into Consideration the Needs and Preferences of Every Member

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When you are single, planning towards your home interior decoration is simple because of you on plan getting only the things you like. But with family in the picture, you have to consider everyone when selecting an interior design, and frankly, this could be a challenge. However, the secret to creating a friendly family home is to carefully think of the needs, likes, and  preferences of each member of the family. It will also be easier to decide with a broad home decor knowledge you can get from a full interior design course.

Family-friendly interior design

Safety First

Safety measures should be taken as a priority when executing decoration for your home. When decorating, your kids should come first in mind, stay away from furniture with sharp edges, cover electrical outlets, and keep glass items  and objects on the top of the shelf. 

Durable Materials

Durable materials – when you have kids, its advisable you get durable fabric and leather for the couch and all other types of furniture at home. Delicate materials and children are not totally compatible. Durable materials have longevity, and this is good for you.  

Multiple Storage Units

Multiple storage units free up space in the home, plus it makes the home tidy. The children have loads of toys and clothes, so it’s advisable you include storage units at strategic points like under the beds, coffee table and above doors. Having storage units for almost everything in the house makes selling a home with kids in it way easier.

Make Your Home Comfortable

It is essential you find a family home and make it really comfortable. You can do this easily by getting a Centre piece, throw pillows, get cushions for the sofa, use friendly fabrics, and welcoming colors. In order to keep the home comfortable, the maintenance routine has to be top-notch, be quick to repair spoilt taps, leakages, and wire connections. It’s also important switching up interior designs once in a while. 

Here are a few bonus tips you should take into consideration. Firstly, its important you avoid repetition of colors pattern, texture, and style. Secondly, you should consider having a dominant color or a monochromatic color scheme. Lastly, when designing your home, you should contrast colors and objects. However, it’s advisable not to use too much contrast. Try and find a balance.

Removable Covers

Having multiple removable covers is a good idea. You can use the removable covers for your chairs and couch. Having options enables you to swap them when it gets dirty, and it ultimately gives the new home a new look. Also, when you buy a pillow, make sure it has a zippered cover that is removable.

Child Friendly Home

Suitable Rugs

You can decide to use hard floors for your home, but if you want to spice up your interior, you should get easy to clean rugs. This helps you to maintain and reduces the workload on the cleaner. 

Frame Art Drawings

Frames on walls add spice to the interior décor. Asides hanging portrait, it will be really lovely to hang your kid’s art projects and drawings in the living room dining and kitchen. Frames like that make the house a home. 

In summary, having a family-friendly home is easy if you follow the above steps. It’s important that you carry everyone along in the interior design process by asking each member what would like in the home. A major key you always keep in mind is the need and preference of other members of your family. 

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