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This week we were sent a fabulous new Fairy Snuggle Sac from Room To Grow. Snuggle Sac’s are really quite unique. They are gorgeous sleeping bags which are super soft and fluffy and will be perfect for snuggling up in as the autumn and winter nights set in.

Sylvia had a look on the Room To Grow website and she chose this gorgeous dark pink fairy snuggle sac. Sylvia really is quite girly and a fairy was the perfect option. What’s really cool is that when the sleeping bag arrived Sylvia could not remember which one she had picked so it was a great surprise.

We decided to make a mini Youtube unboxing style video of the Snuggle Sac, It’s just over a minute long so why not take a look! I’m sure you will enjoy it and you can see how soft the snuggle sac is up and close.

The Snuggle sac has a fantastic design which is very detailed and cute. The snuggle sac is so super soft to the point our dogs Yoda and Casper wanted to try it out.

We were trying to get lovely pictures but the dogs would not allow it. Yoda and Casper are the ultimate Softness testers. They love anything soft and will try to claim it, from a bed, blanket or a laundry pile.

Well the snuggle sac got Yoda and Caspers approval. However it is for Sylvia and not our cheeky Bichon’s. Sylvia is super pleased. She now has two fantastic snuggle sacs which is perfect for when she has a sleepover. These are super quality and I would not have gotten a second one if I did not think so. This snuggle sac retails for £50.

Angela x

*We were sent the snuggle sac for the purpose of review.