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Failed Relationships- The Gratitude Diaries Week 7 

Well this week has not been an easy one. I have silently suffered with some “virus” which knocked my cortisol levels to six made me sleepy in the day and as a result knocked my sleeping pattern out of wack! Not to worry, this has happened so many times that I have a master plan of how to get back into normality so i’m working on it as I speak.

The week started off with a bang a wonderful 2 year wedding anniversary. I do think I get excited about this! One of the reasons is because from past experience the two year mark was went I was being horribly abused and trying to make an escape plan to get out of the marriage. This time nothing could be more opposite. I am so happy and want to be with my husband always and forever!

A lot of people judged me in the past for my failed relationships, (there were two serious failed relationships before John) but these people really didn’t know the full facts, they did not see the abuse going on. They have no idea what I went through and how strong I was, how kind and forgiving. At the end of the day I had to protect myself and my beautiful baby.

I may be known for failed relationships in the past but how many women stay with their abusers for years and years only to be destroyed in heart, mind and soul! I am proud for leaving unhealthy and damaging relationships in the past and if I’m known for this- I stand tall with my head held high!

When I married John some expressed concerns it would fail but I knew this was right and I’m glad I did what I knew was best.

With this said, I’m grateful for the failed relationships in the past. If they had not happened I would not have my beautiful daughter nor would I have gone down the path that lead me to John. With this in mind, I created my quote for the week.


So I am grateful for my failed relationships. (not the abuse)

I am grateful for 2 years of blissful marriage to my sweetheart John- aka the Mighty Hubster.

I am grateful for non-judgemental friends, the people who did support me when I married John and who helped to make our wedding day as special as it was in 2013. Thank you.

Angela x