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Face Masks For Dad Beauty Night

One Friday Night, John and Sylvia had a Daddy Daughter Beauty Night. Sylvia has been asking me for a few months if she can have a face mask and with John suffering from oily skin, I suggested a beauty treatment for both of them.

beauty face mask


Sylvia was very excited and couldn’t wait to do have her face mask. She loves anything girly from nail polish to body lotion and this activity was right up her alley. We used a chocolate face mask which cost £1 and their was plenty to go around.

John enjoyed having the mask on his face. It was a first for him but i’m sure he doesn’t mind these treatments. In fact I’m sure he secretly loves it although he acts all macho at times.

Well, they had a fab time and between us, we caught some fab photos. It was a fun night at such a low cost and they really did have a good time.

Angela x