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Eyewear brands to ‘look out’ for…

We’ve come a long way from classifying eyeglasses as bulky medical equipment intended purely for optic aid. These days, glasses have become less about vision correction and more of a fashion statement, saturating the eyewear market with thousands of different shapes and styles.

While fashion has always blurred the lines between the classic and the avant-garde with perennial collections by the likes of Gucci, Ray-Ban and Tom Ford – it’s often the underdogs who rewrite the rules of the game. 


With e-tailers like SmartBuyGlasses carrying more than 80,000 products across over 200 brands, it may seem impossible to find that diamond in a sea of glass(es). So we’ve decided to create a list which celebrates ingenious functionality from eyewear brands you may not have heard of yet :


The brand bringing us the thinnest sunglasses on the planet! Not only are they paper thin but foldable, designed to fit in the smallest of pockets. Taking up as much space as your card holder, a pair of ROAV sunglasses can accompany you anywhere, and any outfit.


Spy Optic has taken lens technology to the next level, incorporating the ‘Science of Happy’ into its new collection of eyewear. They are the only color and contrast enhancing lenses on the market that elevates mood. They do this by harnessing the beneficial aspects of long-wave blue light, while protecting the wearer from damaging short-wave blue light. 


The first ever sunglasses that play music! Equipped with bone conduction technology, the Bluetooth sunglasses allow you to listen to music and make phone calls, all while being able to fully hear your surroundings. Zungle sunglasses certainly caught the attention of the world and today there are Zunglers everywhere, from New York to  L.A. and Seoul.

Westward Leaning

Appearing in People magazine as “Hollywood’s hottest shades,” the sunglasses feature a parallelogram-shaped unique material inlay in each temple which has become an identifying icon of their products. Some of the most popular models that have be seen on celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid are the Westward Leaning Dyad, Vanguard 11 and Pioneer sunglasses.

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