Everything You Need to Know About Tex-Mex Food

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Did you know that many of the foods you’ve eaten, like fajitas, are considered Tex-Mex cuisine, not traditional Mexican food?

Tex Mex is a family-friendly cuisine that has become a staple in the Southwestern United States, and it’s easy to cook at home. 

Are you looking to expand your horizons and start cooking a new type of food for your family? Read on to learn all about Tex Mex food, including its history, primary ingredients, and classic Tex Mex dishes that are sure to please your entire family.

tex-mex food

What Is Tex Mex Food?

Tex-Mex is a fusion of Mexican food and American food from Texas. When Texas declared its independence in 1836, it officially became a part of the United States in 1846. With that, came access to all the different foods available to those living in the United States.

Tex Mex vs Mexican Food

Tejanos, or Texans of Mexican descent, started cooking their traditional Mexican food with the new ingredients available to them. These new ingredients are where the major differences come in between Mexican cuisine and Tex-Mex food, now a staple in the Southwestern United States. 

One of the primary ingredients used in Tex-Mex food is cumin, which, believe it or not, barely appears in traditional Mexican cuisine. Another primary difference in ingredients it the use of black beans instead of pinto beans in Tex-Mex recipes.

Tex Mex Cuisine

Another staple in Tex-Mex food that doesn’t appear in Mexican food is the hard shell tortilla used in tacos in the American Southwest. 

Some other ingredients that are used in Tex-Mex food are cheddar cheese, beef, and loads of sour cream. 

In addition to ingredients, Tex-Mex food is also known for containing huge portions, large amounts of meat, and loads of sour cream. As the saying goes, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.”

  1. One of the most popular dish to get in the American Southwest is the Tex-Mex taco. If you’re looking for an easy dish to make for your family, this is a great one to try. Recipes abound, but essentially it’ll consist of either beef or chicken, seasoned with cumin and other spices. Tex-Mex tacos will typically be served on hard shell tortilla and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream or salsa ranchera
  2. Another popular Mexican dish that you can make into a Tex-Mex style, is the enchilada. Tex-Mex enchiladas will be served in a chili gravy sauce that has a smoky flavor but isn’t spicy like a Mexican enchilada. You can fill them with anything you like, whether it’s chicken, beef, or beans. 

Start Cooking Tex Mex Recipes

If you’re looking to expand your horizons and cook a new type of food for your family, give Tex Mex a try. It’s kid-friendly, and there are lots of simple recipes to choose from. Whether you make tacos, enchiladas, or fajitas, your guests and your family are sure to be impressed.

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