Essential Maintenance Tips New Homeowners Should Know

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Few experiences in life are more exciting than buying a home for the first time. Most first-time homebuyers are unaware of how challenging it can be to find a great deal on residential properties. Seeking out help from a knowledgeable real estate agent is a great way to simplify the home buying process.

Once you find and purchase a new home, you have to focus on keeping your new investment in pristine shape. Accomplishing this goal will require an investment in routine maintenance. A home that is poorly maintained will fall into a state of disrepair over time. Instead of allowing this to happen to your home, you need to realize the importance of maintenance.

Below are some essential maintenance tips all new homeowners need to know.

Properly Caring for Your Roof Is Important

Keeping moisture out of your home’s interior is only possible if you have a functional roof in place. The shingles that cover your roof will be exposed to sunlight for multiple hours daily. This prolonged exposure will eventually lead to your shingles becoming brittle. Instead of waiting until damaged shingles cause leaks to develop, you need to work with a residential and commercial roofing contractor to stay one step ahead of repair issues.

Allowing these professionals to inspect your roof a few times a year is a great way to discover problems early on. Addressing roofing repair issues early on can limit the amount of damage they cause. Attempting to do this work on your own is dangerous, which is why working with an experienced roofing contractor is a good idea.

Check and Change Your Hvac Air Filters

One of the most used and commonly neglected parts of any home is the HVAC system. If this part of your home isn’t properly maintained, it is only a matter of time before it breaks down. Learning more about how your HVAC system works is crucial when trying to anticipate its maintenance needs. The average HVAC unit will pull in air from outdoors and then heat or cool it based on the thermostat settings.

As the outdoor portion of the unit pulls in air, lots of allergens and dirt will enter your filtration system. The air filter you have in your HVAC unit will remove these allergens from the air before it is circulated through your home. However, these filters have a limited shelf life.

On average, an HVAC air filter will last around two months. If the air filter you have in place is clogged with dust and other allergens, it will lead to your system getting overworked. This dirty filter will also lower your indoor air quality. This is why you need to check and change your air filter once every two months. The cost of regular maintenance is minimal by comparison should you need to repair your HVAC immediately.  Especially during the hot summer months when demand for cooling experts is as high as the temperature outdoors.

Touching Up Your Exterior Paint Is a Must

Retaining a high level of curb appeal should be one of the main concerns you have as a homeowner. When approaching your residence for the first time, the condition of your exterior paint is one of the main things a person will notice. As time goes by, your exterior paint might start to look dull or damaged. Rather than allowing this problem to reduce the appeal your home has, it would help if you took action.

While taking on this improvement project will be expensive and time-consuming, it is definitely worth the effort. If you don’t feel like you can handle this project on your own, working with an experienced professional is a good idea. Before hiring a professional painter to perform this work, schedule a few onsite estimates. With multiple estimates from painters in your area, you should have no problem making the right hire.

Work on Eliminating Drafts

Owning a home can be an expensive undertaking. One of the top priorities you should have as a homeowner is lowering your monthly energy bills. If you want to accomplish this goal, you need to realize the importance of eliminating drafts in your residence. These drafts will allow lots of air to escape.

Not only can this lead to a drastic increase in energy consumption, but it can also cause your HVAC unit to get overworked. Checking around your windows and doors is vital when trying to discover the source of your drafts. If you detect currents in these areas, then visiting your local hardware to buy a tube of caulk is imperative. With this caulk, you can easily seal up the drafts around your windows and doors.

Invest in Professional Gutter Cleaning

If the gutters attached to your roof aren’t draining properly, a number of problems will start to surface. Damaged gutters will allow a lot of weight to be put onto your roof, which can result in collapse. The foundation of your home can also experience damage if the gutters aren’t working correctly.

You can avoid these problems by routinely inspecting your gutters. If you notice that the gutters are filled with leaves and sticks, then calling in professionals to clean them is a good idea. Investing in this professional cleaning will help to ensure your gutters work correctly. A roofing professional will have the time and tools needed to perform this job, which is why paying them is a wise move.

As you can see, keeping your new home in pristine shape requires a lot of work. By following the tips in this article, you can keep your home damage-free.

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