Epson Eco Tank 4450 Printer Review

Epson Eco Printer

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This week we were sent the Epson Eco Tank ET 4550 printer to review. John and I have been using the Epson brand for the past 6 years and we were super excited to be able to test out this new printer in our home.

The Eco Tank 4550 is a 4 in one Printer, Scanner, Photocopier and Fax machine. This is so much more versatile than the old style printer I once owned which only printed documents from a computer.

I can scan family photos, make photocopies of forms (for blogging admin) and print using the WiFi features. This means less wires and being able to sit in bed and press print and have a document print downstairs.

I think this functionality is fabulous and we can even print from our Ipads and Iphones.

Epson Eco Printer

Epson Eco Tank 4450 Printer Review

The one thing which is new and different about the Eco Tank 4550 is the the printer does not require ink cartridges.

Rather than use cartridges, there is a integrated and “ultra  high capacity” tank system.

I’m all for economy and saving and I love that we wont have to buy cartridges again and that we can simply buy the ink. This will save us money in the long run.


Eco Printer Ink For The Epson Eco Tank 4450 Printer Review

The printer came with two bottles of of each ink colour, Black, Yellow, Blue and Red. John was so excited he couldn’t wait to set the printer up and fill it with ink.

We have enough Ink to print 11,000 pages in black and colour.

We wont have to buy any more ink for a long time and it is 70% cheaper than buying cartridges. Very economical and in my opinion fantastic as I love to find ways to save money.


What I love most about this printer is how super fast it is. I cant believe it. The printer can print 13 one colour/mono pages in a minute and 7.5 coloured pages in a minute. We have never had a printer this fast before.


I love the look of the Epson ET 4550, the buttons are simple enough to use and the printer is not too big and fits just perfectly on a shelf on John’s desk. I am really pleased to have received this printer and it is honestly the best one we have had so far.

Having a printer that is fast, economical and versatile is so important for our family. With John doing photography and me blogging and having mummy duties, it’s something we really do need. One thing I’m excited about is being able to create my daughter a book of downloaded pictures to colour in.

Sylvia likes to find pictures to print and colour and now that we have the ability to print off 11,000 pictures before needing more ink, I don’t have to worry. I can simply hit the print button and she will have something new to print.

I’m also looking forward to printing quotes and activities I find on pinterest, now we have plenty of ink, I’ll be making full use of this printer and really look forward to this.

Disclosure: We were gifted the printer in return for a honest review



  1. I’ve been using Canon printers religiously for years now. But I have always heard great things about Epson. Excellent review, and definitely a model I will consider when my own printer is on its last legs and in need of replacement x

  2. Blimey fax machine as well. Its a long time since I have heard about one of them ha ha! As you say a printer that is fast is important. I remember the ones that used to be so slow and took about 20 minutes to print a page ha ha

  3. Ooh this looks like a serious bit of kit! Our printer has just broken so will have to check out Epson. We’ve always gone for HP in the past – no idea why, think it’s because my parents have always them! #Love2Blog

  4. I like the idea of not having to buy cartridges. Ours always seem to be running out and are very expensive to replace. It actually puts me off printing things in colour. Nice to see there is a cheaper alternative.

  5. It really is an all in one, I love it! My dinky auld printer could really do with an upgrade I got it many years ago poor thing on it’s last legs. Great review!

  6. Sounds like a brilliant printer, Angela, we have a black and white as we found the colour ones quite expensive ink-wise but this certainly sounds like a great alternative!

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