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A review of an engraved silver necklace from Hersey & Son.

Today I am super excited to be sharing my review of the Hersey & Son ladies silver pebble pendant which is a gift for my sister in law in New Zealand. 

We travel to New Zealand in four weeks and I’ve been searching for a beautiful gift that is meaningful and precious to give to my daughter’s aunty Moala and I am so excited to have such a lovely present to gift. 

Finding a silver necklace the looks beautiful with engraved words and little extras is just ideal and will make a wonderful present. It’s small enough to take in my bag on the plane and doesn’t weigh too much, yet has great sentimental value.

I’m excited to share this well crafted silver necklace with you today!

Hersey & Son London Silversmiths

Hersey & Son are one of the few remaining traditional Silversmiths in the UK. The business is family oriented and has been creating beautiful silver jewellery pieces by hand from their workshop in London since 1955. 

You can find some beautiful necklaces along with many gorgeous Silver pieces at Hersey & Son.

They currently have a new product range of gorgeous zodiac pendants which you can pair with charms such as birthstones and engraved lockets. This gave me an idea of pairing a necklace with letters to represent each of my nieces and nephews. 

Silver Pendant Necklace

When I saw the Hersey & Son Silver Pebble Pendant, I knew it would make a fantastic gift for my sister in law. The pebble is a solid sterling silver pebble with plenty of space for personalised engravings. 

I felt this gorgeous round necklace would be the perfect women’s gift. The necklace came in a lovely Hersey & Son gift box. In addition I received a care card, tissue paper and a silver polishing cloth. 

I decided to get the silver necklace engraved and add a personalised message. 

Getting The Silver Necklace Engraved

The most important thing to my sister in law is family. She loves her husband and four children more than anything and I felt a good phrase to get engraved on her new silver pebble pendant would be the phrase “families are forever”. 

I was really impressed with the engraving. Sometimes in the past I’ve had words engraved on jewellery and the letters have been a little messy and unprofessional. 

The quality of the engraving by Hersey & Son is fantastic and the words on the new silver pendant look really clear, neat and sharp. 

Solid Silver Letter Pendants

To make my gift to Moala more unique, I decided to add 4 solid silver letter pendants to the necklace.

My sister in law has four children, Sione, Folola, Alani and Viola. I ordered one letter pendant based on the initials of each of her children. 

My daughter Sylvia is also called Folola, it’s one of Sylvia’s middle names! 

Not only did the silver letter pendants personalise the necklace even more, it made the necklace look even nicer. 

I think this is a fantastic silver necklace for women or mums and am so pleased that I had the opportunity to review this and gift it to someone who means a lot to me. 

Final Thoughts! 

Why not visit Hersey & Son today and check out their beautiful product range. I am sure you will find a fantastic gift for your loved one. I sure did! There are lots of lovely options for a silver necklace for women. Which do you like the most? 

*This product was sent in return for an honest review*