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Encouraging Your Child To Draw With Daily Doodle

Today I wanted to talk about talents and discuss how I am encouraging my child to develop the gifts that she has. As a mother you want what’s best for your children, well I sure so. I want to give my daughter opportunities to discover what she is good at and find out what she loves. At a young age my daughter started Ballet. She was seriously so young that she quickly lost interest and committing to this every Saturday was a hard thing. We stopped the classes and instead played music, sung and danced at home.

ballet dancing

2 years later Sylvia started gymnastics. Her teacher said she could go far but again she did not want to continue and would get upset went she went to class. I didn’t push her but let her stop. She then asked to do ballet again and we started Ballet which lasted 1 year. My daughter has tried a few things but really struggled to find something she is passionate about to go each week.


It’s taken years but Sylvia has finally figured out what she likes. Her number one activity is swimming. She loves it. Since starting swimming lessons she has always been eager to learn and improve and she loves water. She always has. Sylvia also loves to sing and loves to draw. She is a real artist! In fact Sylvia creates amazing pictures for me almost every day and she is really talented. I love to see her creations. draw

This week Sylvia took part in a singing competition. I guess it was the school version of the voice. She auditioned but did not make it to the next stage. It’s not easy to be picked as only one boy and one girl are picked per class, so you really have to be the number one singer in the class to make it through. My daughter was so excited. She then felt the disappointment any child would feel not making it through and I think it knocked her confidence a little.

So as a Mother I had to think of ways to help my daughter know that she is talented and that not making it through an audition does not mean your “rubbish” or “stupid” or dumb”. I reminded Sylvia of how amazingly beautiful she is. She would win a beauty contest any day. I reminded her that she is a good swimmer, that is kind and has desirable qualities and that she is really talented at art. I managed to help my child turn things around. She went from feeling rubbish to feeling excited and we spent three hours in the bedroom designing and drawing and doodling.

Then the very next day you would not believe what arrived in the mail. It was a book I had agreed to review a while back and it was perfect timing. The book is called Jon Burgerman’s Daily Doodle and it is a book designed to encourage everyone to have fun drawing. Jon Burgerman is a Brooklyn-based, award winning purveyor of doodles and has over 60,000 followers on Snapchat and Instagram.

When I saw Jon’s Daily Doodle Book  I was so excited. It was exactly what Sylvia needed and at the exact right time. Published by Laurence King publishing the Daily Doodle is a gorgeous book full of doodle ideas to help encourage drawing. Each page is beautiful, some are in colour, some black and white and there are plenty of new things to learn from how to drawer a sloth to fruit, to humans, to pickles and aeroplanes. It is fantastic, funny and just what we needed.

My daughter feels really good about her art skills. I was able to tell her all about Jon Burgerman and she now has an idol to aspire to. I will continue to encourage Sylvia to draw and doodle and work on her own style. I think this book is fantastic and can’t wait to see all the amazing drawings Sylvia creates using this book.

I actually love this book and I am so glad I heard about the Daily Doodle because I think it is just what Sylvia needs to help build her confidence, develop her talents and keep busy on quiet days during the Summer Holidays. I’m even thinking of starting an Instagram account for Sylvia’s Art.

She currently draws on Animal Jam and waits for other players to like her drawings. It gives her a boost of confidence. Maybe we could do Instagram instead and maybe Sylvia could become just like Jon Burgerman one day.

You know what! I’d love to do my own doodles too. I have always enjoyed drawing but never developed my talent. I guess it’s something Sylvia and I can do together. I might just talk to her and she what she thinks.

*We were sent the book with the option to review. I love it an all opinions are my own.

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