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The Magic of Email Marketing in Online Advertising – A collaborative post

Email marketing is a form of online advertising that involves sending commercial messages to a targeted group via email. Email marketing is different from paid search as the customers do not come looking for the service. Instead, the brand reaches out to the prospective customers to convince them to subscribe to their services or buy their products. 

The most popular form of email advertising is Gmail ads. These emails show up in the social and promotion tabs of an inbox and contain information about a product or service a brand is offering. Gmail ads are not randomly sent to any online users. They are designed to target particular kinds of customer base using information like the receiver’s age, gender, interests and even consumer history. They can also be modified to reach old customers and provide product updates, new customers to introduce a brand or both to convey whatever kind of information the advertiser seeks to get across.

Importance and benefits of email marketing

Easy to use

Email marketing is the easiest of all the online advertising strategies. It is ridiculously easy to run an email advertising campaign. All that is needed is the information to be communicated and a good mail listing of prospective and existing customers. Strangely, it has been sidelined for other flashier and more technical approaches to online advertising, but it has remained among the most effective means of advertising.

Higher chances of conversion

Among all the other marketing strategies, including social media, email marketing services are most effective in converting people to customers, followers or supporters. This is because email is a more personal one on one form of communication as opposed to others that speak to the general public. The reader feels like more than just a number and that his opinion about brand matters. This helps in forming a connection, so it becomes easier to invest time to learn about the offer and consequently to make a purchase.


Email marketing is one of if not the most cost-effective methods of online advertising. It costs almost nothing to send emails and unlike other means of advertising, which require big budgets that do not necessarily bring results, email advertising allows advertisers to reach large numbers of prospective customers for so little yet yields massive results. Advertising agencies like Broadplace offer email marketing services for highly affordable prices guaranteed to create awareness of a brand and convert readers to customers.

Data-driven and measurable

The efficacy or lack of, of email marketing strategies, is measurable. Gmail ads operate an open rates system that provides essential data and feedback as to what works and what doesn’t work. It shows how many per cent of email recipients open their emails and click on a link within and how many do not. It also enables advertisers to devise more compelling ways of making their emails draw more attention and cause people to read them. This helps advertisers maximize their resources as opposed to sending out email adverts that no one understands.


Email marketing services are becoming more popular for its easy, effortless, cost-effective and result generating abilities. This more personal form of advertisement makes readers feel relevant, compelling them to go the whole nine yards and make a purchase. Any brand or advertiser desires to have brand awareness, visibility and patronage. Email marketing does so, and its comeback proves it is one of the most desired options available.