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Elsa at the Park A Frozen Style Photo Shoot

Elsa at the Park A Frozen Style Photo Shoot

Recently we went to our local national park. My daughter asked me if she needed to put shorts and a t-short on. In a moment of madness, (I was not thinking or focussing) I said no, just wear what you have on. We hopped in the car and when we arrived I noticed she was wearing her Elsa Dress. Although Sylvia could not hang upside down and had to be careful, it helped produce some adorable pictures. This was my favourite shot!

Angela Milnes xx

frozen style photo

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I love dressing up and I love giving my daughter fancy dress costumes to try on. She loves it and she looked lovely on this day. I think I want to get more costumes for the future and I would love to one day take my daughter to Disneyland to visit Elsa at the palace. That would be amazing fun.

Who is your child’s favourite disney princess? We have a lot to choose from these days but at the moment it has to be Elsa. The song is so catchy too! What is your favourite song from disney? I do love beauty and the beat tale and old as time but then  love the new frozen song too. There are so many great disney songs to choose from.


    1. Thanks. I think that’s what I loved about the picture was the dress is movement! It made it look awesome and I caught it on an iphone too! Glad you liked the picture! Angela xx

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