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An Elephant Themed Bedroom For Kids

When I was a child one of my favourite things to do was to get out the Argos book and search for items to create the dream bedroom. Did you do that too? I loved to create collages of the dream room and even purchased my own bedroom set when I was around ten. I got curtains, bedding and a matching lampshade all in this lovely tartan colour.

I never really realised how much I love design and planning and I sure did not think I had a talent for this but as it turns out, since I began blogging my passion for styling rooms, especially bedrooms and kids rooms as begun to pop it’s head out and I’ve found myself doing the same thing I did as a child.

So today I decided to share an Elephant themed bedroom for kids. I do hope you like the items picked out.

elephant themed bedroom

Comforter Set
Elephant Throw Pillow

elephant cushion
Elephant plush
Cubbie Bench

well woven square rug
Alarm Clock
Night Stand

side cabinet

elephant hamper

Elmer Plush

elmer plush

Never Forget Pillow

Elephant storage basket


elephant themed bedroom