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Eggs On The Floor A New Interior Trend 

Would you believe me if I told you sunny side up eggs are going to be a new interior trend in 2018? Well that’s what I’ve read. In fact, eggs have been popping up in the form of statement fashion and as unusual artworks recently and trendsetters are saying that eggs are going to be the in thing.

Interior Trend 

I am a fan of eggs, they are high in protein and my dad has always loved chicken farming but I’ve never had an egg themed room or interior before. Yet egg themed flooring and designs are available to purchase and there are some egg-cellent options, (please don’t mind the pun).

Interior Trend 


I think that egg themed flooring is a fun and cheery floor design which would add a playful or fun accent to the kitchen floor. In fact in a few months we are hoping to replace our kitchen flooring and I am looking for a fun and fresh look such as this.

The new egg interior trend is not something to egg-nore. Oh the puns are coming in hard and fast, it’s just so egg-citing to look for new ideas for when we improve our kitchen.

The Atrafloor design team have some great and fantastic egg themed flooring options in several different colours to help match your dream colour scheme. I think if I were to have an egg floor, I’d go with the grey or blue background. Which would you go for?


Another trend to look out for which I have noticed is the continuing flamingo and unicorn theme but also the pineapple. Pineapples may just be a big thing this spring and summer and I bet I see some fantastic pineapple themed art deco and interior designs in the coming months. I’m looking forward to it.



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