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Egged On The Game Of Egg Roulette From Hasbro

Today on the blog we are sharing Sylvia’s latest new game Egged On by Hasbro games. This happens to be the most entertaining and fun game she has ever played to date and she absolutely loves it.

egged on kids game from hasbro

The egged on game is really simple and easy to play. You have an egg carton with 10 eggs. These are quite squishy and when you place them on your head and squeeze the eggs open. All you have to do is fill one egg with water and spin the roulette wheel.

Sylvia and her dad loved playing the game form the get go. You can land on different options such as splat an egg on your head, splat two eggs or splat an egg on someone else’s head and then there is skip a turn.

Sylvia absolutely loved taking in turns anticipating who would end up with egg on their face. The first round she won and she loved it.

Sylvia and her dad loved playing this game and they played it over and over. She then even played it on her own, made a video of herself splatting eggs and even took them into the bath for more fun.

This is certainly a fun game and one we will be playing at Sylvia’s birthday party, however I think I will place a little prize in one rather than water as a one off.

i really do recommend the Egged on game and actually am impressed. It’s super fun for kids and aimed at age 5 plus.

Hasbro has a sure winner when it comes to this kids game and it is fun and egg-citing, mind the pun.

We look forward to playing this again. If you do play the game, be sure to dry the egg with water before placing it back in the box to keep the game box in good condition.

Angela x