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Eau Good Duo Bottles A Review

Last week John and I were sent two Eau good Duo Bottles to review. Having a water bottle is really important for keeping hydrated and is something my husband needs to use regular as he tends to need a lot of water with his thyroid condition.

The Eau Good Duo bottles launched on the crow-funding site Kickstarter on the 1st of November and are good quality plastic bottles with a stylish design and Binchotan charcoal water filter stick which lasts for up to 6 months.

The Binchotan charcoal when placed in the water bottle softens the water, adds good minerals and helps balance PH. The bottle also has a built in infuser cap where you can add your favourite fresh fruits and herbs.

The leak proof spout on the bottles are specially designed to get good flow from the bottle and is a great alternative to buying bottled water helping reduce pollution and reduce the number of bottles that end up in landfills.

John and I really like our new bottles. The design makes it easy to hold and there is a soft touch finger loop for carrying the bottle. John has begun using his bottle both at home and on his bike and mine will be by my side as I work.

*We were sent the bottles for the purpose of review.