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Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

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Making a stunning Christmas wreath is quite easy and fun. All you need is to have the right items, embellishments, and a large dose of motivation.

How to make a DIY Christmas wreath

With a few simple techniques, you can create a wide range of Christmas wreaths, from a greenery wreath (we’ll cover on this blog post) that will last throughout the Christmas holidays to a heirloom wreath that can be treasured for years to come.

What you’ll need:

Here’s what you’ll need to make an easy DIY Christmas wreath:

– Scissors

– Craft glue

– Christmas tree leaves

– Branches

Pine tree cones

Jingle bells

– Florist’s wire

– fake or fresh sprigs of foliage

Sparkle ribbon


Making an easy DIY Christmas wreath with branches.

  1. Making a wreath

There are two ways you can make a Christmas wreath – either using wicker or branches. You may have to purchase wicker from a local store, but you can easily find some branches lying around on the ground, out and about, in your backyard or garden.

Here is an example of a wicker wreath.

Christmas Wreath

In this post, we’ll make a Christmas base using wicker. However, if you prefer to make a wreath from tree branches, below are steps you can follow.

1a. Making a base.

Branches are the most flexible supports for wreaths. They are sturdy enough to support heavy materials such as Christmas tree leaves, pine cones, and pine fruits.

For a simple delicate wreath, you can use few branches. But, for a lush looking Christmas wreath, make sure to use a handful of branches to make it more sturdy.

Christmas Wreath

1b. Wrapping the base with a wire.

Since we are making a lush-looking wreath, we’ll gather half a dozen branches and wrap them them around tightly with wire.

Christmas Wreath

1c. Tucking and knotting the wire to secure it

Do not cut the wire. Wire the wreath the second time and continue wrapping it until you reach the starting point.

Next, tuck the wire tightly, and knot it to secure and cut it.

When the entire wreath base is almost covered with wire, tie off the wire. Make sure to leave some inches before cutting the end of the wire.

Loop the end of the wire and twist it to make a hanger.

Christmas Wreath

  1. Wiring greenery

Christmas Wreath

Next, place a small bundle of fir leaves on the base (wicker base), and wrap it around the stem at least three times with a wire. Again, don’t cut the wire.

  1. Adding more bundles to the base.

Continue adding more bundles of fir leaves and tie them with the wire. Do this until you reach to the starting point.

Christmas Wreath

Once you’ve covered the whole form with fir leaves, tuck the wire tight under form. Before cutting the wire, make sure to leave some extra inches of wire at the end before cutting it to make a loop. Hold the wire loop and twist it to make a hangar.

  1. Adding fake or fresh sprigs of foliage for decorations.

At this point, your wreath should be starting to take its shape. Now you are ready to add foliage on your wreath for Christmas decorations.

You can attach foliage on the wreath either by using a twine or simply gluing it on the Christmas leaves on the bottom.

Christmas Wreath

  1. Keep on adding more fake or fresh sprigs of foliage evenly around the wreath.

Don’t stop there. Keep on attaching more fake or fresh sprigs of foliage on the wreath few inches away from each other. This will create a space that can be very pleasing to the eyes. Cut away branches and fruits that seem to hang outside the wreath shape.

Christmas Wreath

  1. Adding the Cones

Once you’ve attached sprigs of foliage on top of the Christmas leaves (as shown above), you can take your decoration to the next level by attaching few pine cones. Adding pine cones makes your Christmas wreath look incredibly attractive and natural.

To attach these cones, you can either using a wire or a glue.

Christmas Wreath

  1. Final touches

Finally, add baubles, jingle bells, sparkling ribbons, and any other personal items for decorations, and then attach them on your wreath using glue or wire.  

Christmas Wreath

There you have it. A simple DIY Christmas wreath you can easily make with your kids without having to go and visit a local craft store.

Over to you: Have you made a Christmas wreath before? I’d love to hear your experiences below in the comment section.

*Collaborative Guest post written by Annabelle